Celebrating the December Global Holidays

December is a month to celebrate, and with so many different global holidays to celebrate, it is the perfect time to make your next party a big one! These celebrations are important to celebrate because they celebrate the diversity of cultures and religious backgrounds. All of these holidays are a fun way to come together and celebrate humanity. Here is a look at some of the most popular celebrations in December. This article includes information on New Year’s Eve, Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, and Human Rights Day.

New Year’s Eve

It is celebrated as the last day of the year. People celebrate New Year’s Eve in many different ways. Some people gather with friends and family to watch fireworks and listen to music. Other people watch television shows or participate in game shows to win prizes. In many places, New Year’s Eve is celebrated until dawn. The celebrations are often very merry. There are several ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve, depending on the culture and tradition.

New Year’s Eve has many different origins. The festival originated in pre-Christian Europe, but Europeans later merged these traditions with their Christian beliefs and renamed the holiday. Some cultures celebrate New Year’s Eve on April 13, while others celebrate the New Year in a Vietnamese village on April 13-15. And the Chinese celebrate their own New Year on a lunar calendar that varies from year to year.

Although December is traditionally considered the “World of Holidays,” there will be a lot more celebrations this month. December 2022 will be packed with global holidays. If you are planning to travel abroad, keep this December 2022 calendar in mind when making your plans. For example, December 2022 will celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It will be a great time to plan a trip to this world-famous soccer tournament.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic celebrate New Year’s Eve in a similar manner. The loudest celebrations take place in both countries. People gather with friends in bars, clubs, and even on the streets. Fireworks are also a common tradition, which start before noon and increase in intensity until midnight. Czechs and Slovaks toast to the new year with champagne and go outside to watch the fireworks.

Las Posadas

While the majority of the posadas in Mexico are centered around Santa Claus and the birth of the baby Jesus, these celebrations can take place around the world. In many countries, they are hosted by expats. Originally, these events were held in churches, but later moved to haciendas and family homes. By the 19th century, they had become popular neighborhood gatherings. Today, posadas are typically organized by neighborhood committees. In Mexico, they take place in Guatemala, Belize, Cuba, and other areas of the region. Although the holiday is still primarily celebrated in Mexico, it is also celebrated all over Latin America.

These celebrations are marked by colorful pagesantry wherein children dress up as Angels, the Three Wise Men, and Joseph. These “pilgrims” then travel from house to home, offering gifts to families. The posadas also serve traditional posada food. The traditional tamales, which are made from corn dough and softened lard, are filled with chicken or pork, dried fruits, and different sauces.

As part of the December global celebrations of Christmas, the Christmas holiday of Las Posadas honors Mary and Joseph’s journey. In the days before the birth of Jesus, they struggled to find lodging. The hospitable kings and queens of Mexico welcomed them into their towns. On December 16, their arrival at the city of La Posadas commenced a parade of children, which led to a mass. The procession ended on the 24th, when the children broke a pinata stuffed with candy.

Another December global holiday is Rohatsu, also known as Bodhi Day, in Mexico. This Buddhist holiday is celebrated with chanting, meditation, and gifts to monks and nuns. In Sweden, a celebration of this holiday honors St. Lucia, the patron saint of light. Girls dress up as the patron saint of light and wear white robes. The celebrations in Mexico and around the world are a time for joy and festivities.


Kwanzaa is a celebration of food, culture, and people. It is one of the December global holidays, and is celebrated by lighting seven candles called kinara. The eldest member of the group pours the liquid into the direction of the four winds, ensuring that all the guests and family members share in the ritual. It is also a time to give gifts to people, both living and dead, to encourage growth, self-determination, and purpose.

The word Kwanzaa means “first fruits” in Swahili, the predominant language in Africa. Today, it symbolizes unity among Black and African communities. While the holiday is widely celebrated and observed in the United States, there are several ways it is celebrated in Africa. One way to celebrate Kwanzaa is by reading a story in the language of the African people, Kiswahili.

The origin of Kwanzaa is unknown, but it has been celebrated for over 50 years in the United States. It was founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor at California State University and the chairman of the Department of Africana Studies. He wanted to foster multicultural understanding and cultural connection among Africans by creating a holiday that recognized their culture. He took several African harvest celebrations and combined them in one. This resulted in the holiday we celebrate today.

The African-American holiday Kwanzaa is not a public holiday, but it is celebrated in many countries outside of the United States, including the Caribbean and other countries with large numbers of African descendants. Some businesses and organizations might close their doors during the holiday, and others will run fewer services or offer fewer services on that day. To ensure that everything is running smoothly, it is best to check the African-American orientation of the company before doing business with them.

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is an international holiday, celebrated annually on December 10 in New York City at the U.N. headquarters. It is a day of cultural events, exhibitions, and international conferences that support human rights. Each year the theme varies, and observance of the holiday is encouraged. As the years go by, more countries fail to respect basic human rights. These rights include freedom of religion, thought, and expression.

Refugees are a globally underrepresented group. They are often stranded, unable to work or find housing, and are constantly faced with prejudice and false accusations. The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition helps the refugee population in New England. They provide legal assistance and English-learning services. You can learn more about refugee issues at the MARAC website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them via social media.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The document has been translated into over 360 languages and is celebrated around the world. Originally, the document had no legislative powers but inspired the creation of more than 60 human rights instruments throughout the world. Today, the document is considered the international standard for human rights. In the United States, President Truman issued the first proclamation recognizing Human Rights Day. It is now observed in other countries.

While the December calendar is centered on important religious holidays and the end of the Gregorian calendar, the significance of Human Rights Day is immense. It is recognized as an international day of action that has spurred notable change. So, whether you’re celebrating the holiday in your country or a different one, celebrate this day and let the world know about it! It is a great time to honor and support our loved ones.

St. Stephen’s Day

One of the global holidays of December is St. Stephen’s Day. Celebrated on December 17, this holiday honors the memory of Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Many people in Switzerland take the day off from work and school, and most businesses are closed. Several people also participate in religious services. In some places, offices and banks are closed, and public transportation operates on a reduced schedule.

St. Stephen’s Day commemorates the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, who was stoned to death after preaching the Christian faith for 40 days. The story has it that Jesus handed Stephen a stone, promising him that he would never lose his disciple. St. Stephen died while holding a stone that he had received from the Lord and was later consecrated as Hungary’s first Christian king. Today, many countries celebrate St. Stephen’s Day as one of the global holidays of December.

December is the month of holidays! December is filled with religious and corporate events as well as fun celebrations. Many people look forward to these events, as they’re spiritually significant and allow for time to catch up with friends and family. It’s also the month when travel and tourism are most popular. For many people, December is the month to travel to celebrate the holidays. And it’s no wonder why.

Italians traditionally spend Christmas Day with family. In addition, St. Stephen’s Day is a time to visit friends and church buildings. Many churches display nativity scenes. Christians throughout the world celebrate the relics of St. Stephen, an early Christian martyr. Stephen was crucified in Jerusalem and his relics were subsequently brought to the town of Putignano.

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