Different Types Of Logo Mats You Should Be Aware Of

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term logo mats? I bet you said “entrance mat” or “mat”, correct? I’m willing to wager that some of you were pondering “chocolate,” which is acceptable; chocolate is typically the correct response. Even though the majority of logo mats are used in front doors, you can use them for something other than a mat.

Utilize our logo mats, which can be cut into circles, half-moons, and even curves, to unleash your creative beast! The potential uses for a logo mat are endless, much like my affection for dogs and bread rolls (not canine registrations). Moreover, why settle for a square shape or mat?

If you’re attempting to move past the image of yourself as Rose from “Titanic,” then I’ll give you some suggestions for how you could use a logo mat.

The Most Obvious Use: A Logo Entrance Mat

A custom entrance mat with your company’s logo is the ideal way to make your store’s entrance area professional and inviting while enhancing your company’s image. Ideal for use in shops, stores, hotels, pastry kitchens, specialty shops, etc. 

Impress Your Unique Visitors With The Celebrity Doormat

The doormat below is an excellent example of how to welcome your VIP guests as they register. Ideal for use in hotels, front desks, airports, lounges, business doors, and waiting areas.

Directional Mat: Help Customers Know Where To Go

Upward signage can obstruct the menu and make the help desk appear cluttered; alternatively, you may use a logo mat with headings. While advancing your image, you can conveniently print phrases such as “request here” or “pay here” on the floor. Ideal for use in bakeries, restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, inexpensive food stores, stores, movie theatres, and shopping malls.

Expo Mat: Transform Your Tradeshow Floor Into A Product Application

You can use a logo mat to demonstrate a particular application for a product or to affect your logo at your career expo booth. You could print something like a parking space to demonstrate the utility of another of your products. 

Transform Oil Spongy Security Into A Limited-Time Special Mat Or Sponsorship Mat. An Amazing Open Door

Transform your temporary ground assurance at a motorcycle cross or race event into a unique open-door or sponsorship opportunity! Perfect for use on race days, motorcycle events, auto shows, and sponsorship events. Incredibly cool.

You can print a 3D image on it and use it to blow people’s minds.

This mat is a genuine attention-grabber and an excellent argument! Ideal for use in stores, parties, nightclubs, movies/cinemas, and anywhere else you might need to argue! Alternately, you can choose a 3D optical illusion for a truly impressive “oooh” effect.

Celebrity Doormat: Greet Your Guests With An Elegant Entrance Mat For A Private Luxury Airplane Or Yacht

You can use a custom logo mat to make the entrance to a private luxury plane appear much more opulent. It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase your image before VIP guests arrive. (I also have one of these for my private jet) Ideal for boats, yachts, ships, private luxury aircraft, business boats, and business aircraft.

Mat For Commemoration: Remember That Special Day Every Time You Step Inside

 Do you need to constantly look down and see your loved one? Why not create a wedding or commemorative mat? Always examine the past and recall that special moment. Perfect for commemorations, birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions. Heartfelt.

Abilities Spot: Utilize The Mat As A Beginning Situation For A Game Or Skills Contest

Certain about a logo mat utilized in brandishing exercises such as the ones listed below as a skills spot? Effectively demarcate areas in sports such as cricket, indoor hockey, and other games to test your skills or establish boundaries.

Security Mat: Ensure Everyone Is Aware Of The Potential Dangers Ahead

Since the vast majority look at the floor while walking, an exceptionally printed mat utilized as a safety mat in areas such as stockrooms, production lines, or assembly offices is an excellent method for drawing attention to a potentially hazardous area.

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