Explore Australia: What Are The Entry Requirements For Visitor Visa 600?

If one of your immediate family members is an Australian permanent resident or a citizen, it will pave your way to visit Australia. This is because it will help you apply for the Visitor Visa 600. Passport-holders from Japan, Canada, Brunei, Hong Kong (SAR of China), Singapore, Malaysia, the USA, and South Korea can apply for the ETA visa. This blog discusses various crucial factors of the Visitor Visa Subclass 600 that may help you understand the whole process.

What are the basic features of the visa?

The basic features of the Visa Subclass 600 are as follows.

  • It will help you visit Australia for tourist as well as business purposes.
  • With this visa, you can stay for 3 to 12 months in Australia.
  • Currently, the base application charge for the visa is from AUD 145 to AUD 340.
  • Certain passport holders are allowed to apply for a cheaper or free visa.
  • Usually, the base service charge for the ETA Subclass 601 is AUD 20. But if you are a passport holder from a specific country, you can apply for the eVisitor (Subclass 651) for free.

What are the entry requirements for Visitor Visa 600?

You can get your Tourist Visa 600 to enter Australia if you can meet the following conditions.

  • You will be eligible if you want to enter as a visitor.
  • Entering Australia for business purposes will be applicable.
  • You can visit your friends or family.
  • 600 Visa will also allow you to travel to Australia with a registered travel agent from the Republic of China.

You may choose to lodge a paper application if it is impossible for you to apply online.

Eligibility requirements for specific streams of this visa

Here we discuss the stream-specific requirements that you must know before applying.

Tourist Stream (apply inside Australia)

  • You should confirm that you are visiting Australia for only a visit. The purposes may be to tour around Australia, cruise, visit friends or family.
  • You should have enough financial ability to cover all the costs during the stay.
  • At the time of application and the visa decision, you have to be physically present in Australia.
  • Condition 8503 should not be imposed on your current Australian visa.

Tourist Stream (apply outside Australia)

  • You should confirm that you are coming to Australia as a tourist, not as a student or worker.
  • You have to be outside Australia both at the time of visa application and visa decision.
  • Other conditions are the same as the previously discussed stream.

Sponsored Family Stream

  • For this stream, too, you must confirm that you want to come to Australia for travel only. 
  • This visa 600 is granted to someone who a family member sponsors. The Department of Immigration may also ask the family member to pay a security bond.
  • You must not be in Australia while applying and when the visa decision is made.

Business Visitor Stream

  • For this visa, you have to show that your intention to visit Australia is business only.
  • Your business purposes may include making business inquiries, participating in a business conference, or negotiating contracts.

Approved Destination Status Stream

This visa is granted to a citizen of the People’s Republic of China and wants to travel to Australia with an organized travel group.

While traveling, you should always be with your tour group.

Frequent Traveller Stream

It is another stream granted to a People’s Republic of China citizen who intends to visit Australia. One should note that people from SARs (Special Administrative Regions) cannot apply for this visa.

What are the necessary documents required for the visa application?

Application for this visa will not be complete without uploading the following documents.

  • Certified copy of the current passport, which should remain valid for the entire visa duration
  • Digital photograph copy
  • Evidence of financial ability, including current bank statement showing at least AUD 6900 in the bank account and all the transactions over the last three months
  • Evidence of your obligations to your home country may include a letter confirming your enrollment at a college, university, or school, or a confirmation letter from your employer containing the details of your current position, employment length, approved leave, and salary level.
  • Personally explained reasons to visit Australia, description of the activities you wish to accomplish during your stay in Australia, and your intention to submit any visa application during the visit, if any.
  • A complete travel itinerary containing all the travel arrangements and plans
  • A certified copy of a return air ticket
  • An invitation letter from your friend or family (if you intend to visit your close relatives or friends with the visa)

While including the reasons for your visit to Australia, you should also mention that you will depart after your visit is over.

What does the visa allow the holders to do?

With this visa, you can enter Australia to spend a holiday or pay a visit to your friends or family. If you want to know how many times you can visit Australia, keep these things in mind.

  • The Immigration Department may allow you to enter only once. In that case, if you want to come back to Australia after leaving the country, you will be required to make a new visa application.
  • As long as your visa remains valid, you can travel within and outside Australia unlimited times. But you should keep in mind that the total time spent in Australia should not be more than the period of stay that the Department has granted to you.

Once you get your visa grant letter, you should check the visa expiry date and specific visa conditions.

Work and study on the Visa 887

Instead of paid service, you can do voluntary work. For the study, you cannot enroll in courses that are over 3 months. If you want to enroll in any longer course at a designated Australian institute (university or school), you will have to apply for an Australian student visa.

Current restrictions imposed on visa application procedures due to the ongoing pandemic

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your visa application procedure may take longer than usual. Take a look at these to-do lists to understand the situation.

Suppose you are in Australia and cannot leave the country because of the imposition of international travel restrictions. In that case, you should first see whether there is any ‘No Further Stay’ condition imposed on your visa. If it is there and your visa expires in 4 weeks, you should immediately apply for a waiver of that condition.

  • If you are not in Australia and have a genuine reason to visit, you should first apply for an exemption to the travel restriction and then apply for the visa.

For help, you may think of consulting a migration agent in Perth.

Final words

A Perth Migration Agent is well experienced and highly qualified and thus will be the best option to show you the way in such critical circumstances. Make a list of top-rated agents and choose the best one that will also suit your budget.

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