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How to Generate a Large Facebook Following

Social media started out as a way of keeping in touch for a bunch of Harvard students and no one would have ever guessed that Facebook would become the global platform that it is today, with hundreds of millions of users sharing their stories with family and friends. Facebook is the king of the many social media platforms and has been since the emergence of social media and while there are giants like Twitter and Instagram, none have the marketing potential of Facebook.

In this article, we offer a few tips to help you build a large following on Facebook.

  • Be creative with your content – It is your content that will draw users to your page, or not, depending on how good the content is. Hire web content writers to compile guest posts, produce great video content and images, which should be posted on a daily basis. You need to engage users with informative content and using an award-winning agency such as King Kong, a leading Australian digital marketing agency with all the solutions.
  • Calls to action – CTAs are critical if you want users to click on that magical “Follow” button; phrases like, ‘learn more’ and ‘more info’ encourage the user to complete a task. Rather than trying to figure out the many options on your Facebook business pages, you can enlist the help of an award-winning agency and let them work their magic on your account.
  • Engage users – You need to have at least one employee who is monitoring the comments section and knows how to reply in a positive manner. If you enlist the help of a professional social media marketing team, all comments are answered and many lead to enquiries that lead to sales. Here are a few reasons why logistics is vital for every business.
  • Use of video – Video is probably the most powerful of all digital media and if you hook up with the right social media marketing agency, they have an in-house team of video production experts that know how to create rich, engaging films.
  • Surveys, competitions and questionnaires – If you engage users, they are far more likely to stick with you, plus the feedback data can be analysed and used to improve service. People like completing tasks, especially when there are incentives; offer prizes by investing in some cool promotional gift products, which helps with branding.
  • People like change – Over a period of one year, you should make several layout changes to your pages; create albums and take advantage of the many powerful marketing tools that Facebook marketing offers business users. The pandemic changed the way we live our lives and social media usage soared during the lockdowns, with most new members sticking with the program.

We recommend talking to a leading Australian digital marketing agency, one with a team of social media marketers who deliver the goods. They engage all of their skill sets and direct their energy to your account and slowly, but surely, your following will grow.

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