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A Comprehensive Guide to Spring Cleaning in 2022

The annual spring clean is a global tradition that is found in most cultures; once a year, usually after the winter, the family work together over a weekend and give the home a top-to-bottom clean, ready for the coming summer. This is not really something you should do on your own, unless you happen to live alone, of course, although you could ask a friend for a little help.

Things you will need

Prior to starting your big clean, you should have the following:

  • Glass cleaner and dry cloth
  • Mop & bucket
  • Broom & dustpan
  • Black bin bags (unlimited supply)
  • Old bedsheets to cover furniture
  • Bathroom & kitchen cleaning materials
  • Long and short feather duster

You will also need stepladders for dusting the ceilings and working at heights and a vacuum cleaner is certainly going to be useful.

Working to a plan

Rather than starting at the nearest point, you should plan the project; one good way is to start upstairs and work room by room; start with the spare room, then do all the other upstairs rooms and then do the upstairs hallway. One thing you should do is contact the great staff at and they can collect all your rubbish when you are ready to remove it.

Cover the furniture

The first thing to do is remove what you can from the target room, then cover the furniture with old blankets or bed sheets, open all the windows and start dusting from the ceiling down, leaving the room for 10-15 minutes to allow the dust to settle. When you return, you can wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and clean the interior of the windows. Covering the floor is also a good idea, otherwise all the dust and dirt will be ingrained into the carpet. Wipe down all skirting and architrave with a damp, clean cloth and after removing the protective covers, wipe all furniture items, finally removing the floor protection and giving the room a good vacuum. Click here for luxury bedroom ideas.

Waste removal

Like it or not, there will be a lot of stuff that you don’t want; old device packaging, things that no longer function properly, not to mention old clothes you no longer wear. Deciding what to throw out can be complicated, especially if you are the sort of person that always finds a use for something; many people complain about their partner’s hoarding, which can become an obsession for some. There is a great NZ company that can remove all your waste and they can easily be found with a Google search.

Top down

Cleaning is best done using gravity to your benefit and that means starting at the top and working towards the floor, which should be the last things you clean. Dusting a room will cause minute particles to become airborne and with open windows and a closed door, wait for the dust to settle before continuing with the clean.

Good hygiene is very important with your living space and the annual spring clean makes sure that your home is ready for a memorable summer.

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