History of Cast Iron Guttering

Period properties are lovely, and many people wanting to increase their home equity desire to be able to buy one. Period properties will stand out in any location due to their beautiful oak beams within the ceilings, huge wooden doors and cast-iron guttering.

RainClear can assist homeowners who own properties like this one in maintaining their historic characteristics by providing cast iron gutter installation, repair, and maintenance. Our staff examine the service we provide and the history of cast iron gutters after seeing our services.

First Usage of Cast Iron Gutters:

Gutters drain water from many homes, and during the Norman invasion in 1066, bigger buildings like churches were equipped with gutters and gargoyles to channel it away.

Cast iron gutters didn’t appear on buildings throughout the UK until roughly 1709 when inexpensive and readily available cast iron saw the material take the place of lead for gutters.

The demise of Cast Iron Gutters:

Unfortunately, amid World War Two, plastic guttering took the place of cast iron guttering, which has remained a common sight ever since. As a consequence, numerous original features of properties built during the Georgian and Victorian periods were lost; nevertheless, there is an increasing demand for traditional materials like cast iron to be utilized in both new construction


Plastic guttering is highly regarded in the building industry, yet cast iron gutters provide a particular look to properties of any age, especially those from the Victorian era. Fortunately, our staff at Gutter Maintenance are trained, experienced, and skilled in performing a variety of repairs and Maintainance on cast iron gutters. We’re also skilled in installing brand-new cast iron gutters, which will give your home an elegant and sleek appearance if they’re paired with well-designed double-glazing.

Benefits of cast iron guttering

There are several advantages to cast iron gutters, not the least of which being that they are extremely durable and attractive. We’ve compiled a list of additional reasons why you should consider installing cast iron gutters.

Weather conditions

Cast iron guttering does not bend or fracture, unlike plastic guttering. Plastic guttering warps and cracks in particular during cold weather.


Gutters made of cast iron have been a popular option since the Victorian era. As a result, they seem to belong to older heritage and protected buildings.

50-70-year life expectancy

Gutters that are well-maintained and looked after can last up to 70 years, although some have lasted much longer depending on how carefully they are maintained.

Minimal maintenance

However, if you want the cast iron gutter to survive for a long time, you will need to do some maintenance; nevertheless, they are quite sturdy and don’t require much attention, making them a very convenient and simple solution.

Strong, robust, and durable

The cast iron gutters are very strong and can endure all types of weather. They don’t get clogged very often, and they’re resistant to heat. You won’t have to worry about the cast iron gutters warping or fading in the sun because they won’t.

Why choose RainClear?

Whether you’re restoring 20 listed buildings or equipping your dream eco-home, RainClear has got the niche knowledge to help you select optimal materials that fit your needs. They Will turn your architectural drawings, or a simple sketch on a scrap of paper, into detailed material and installation recommendations.

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