How to Block YouTube Channels on Different Devices?

If you are reading this blog to get to know how do I block a channel on youtube then this is the perfect blog for you to find out how, so make sure that you are reading the entire without skipping any part. 

There are usually two ways you can use to block a channel from youtube, either you block a channel so that it cannot comment on your videos or you directly block a channel so that you do not see its video on your feed. 

In this blog today we are going to discuss both ways, so without any further ads let us immediately begin with knowing about the steps. 

Block Youtube Channels So That Their Videos Don’t Come into Your Feed

The first way we have for you is to block a channel so that you do not see their videos on your feed the steps for blocking the channel are different for web and mobile phones so you have to do it separately.

Block Youtube Channels on the Web

When using your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer you are first required to move to the browser and then open youtube there. 

When the website of youtube is opened you should look for a video from the channel which you are looking forward to blocking and once you find the video, you have to tap on the three dots icon you see. 

The menu which will appear after this will present you with various options from which you need to opt for the option of doesn’t recommend channel. 

And as soon as you do this you will not get their videos anymore on your feed. 

Block Youtube Channels on Android, iPhone, or iPad

On mobile devices, you have to open the youtube app which is already installed and then you need to scroll down the list of all the videos which appear on your feed. 

As soon as you find the video you want to block you should click on the three-dot menu which you will find next to the title of the video to be familiar with how to block a youtube channel from showing up

Press on Don’t recommend channel from the options and that’s it the channel you wanted is blocked and now you will not get their content. 

Blocking a Channel So That It Is Unable to Comment on Your Videos

Now, youtube also provides an option for you to use which you can also block certain channels from commenting on your video, so without waiting let us dive into the steps for this. 

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Blocking from Commenting on the Web

In order to stop a channel from commenting on your video you have to open youtube on the browser after which in the search bar you have to opt for the channel which you want to block. 

Now, you should open the page of the channel in the browser, and then from the list which appears in front of you, you have to hit on the About option.

Under About you will find a block user tab on which you have to click, after which finally hit on the submit button in the prompt you are getting on your screen. 

As soon as you will click on submit button the youtube channel you selected will be blocked and they cannot comment on your videos anymore. 

Blocking from Commenting on Mobile or iPad Devices

Begin with opening the youtube application you have on your device to know how to block channels on the youtube app after which you make use of the search to look for the channel which you wish to block. 

When you find the channel you should click on it, which will open the channel screen in front of you after which you should be hitting on the menu icon that is three dots in the top right corner. 

After this look for the block user option and simply click on it, after which you will see a prompt from which you should hit on the block button. 

Soon after pressing on block button the channel will be moved to the blocked list and will not be able to comment, if in the future you wish to unblock it, you can do so from the blocked list.

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