4 Best Malayalam typing software that will make it worth your while

Language of God’s own land, Kerala, Malayalam is a beautiful language and a medium of historic scriptures and literary works in the past. Although there is a diverse culture in Kerala and people of all faiths call it their home, the one thing that binds all of them is Malayalam.

This respect for the state language was always there amongst the people of Kerala but in between, English became a status symbol and a synonym for an educated person. Boys and girls preferred to talk in English due to which reading and writing in Malayalam was confined to schools only. This parallel to digitalization made writing almost nil, until typing solutions in regional language started gaining popularity.

Digitalization and open-source softwares have enabled developers to make apps that benefit society. Digital keyboards, dictionaries, online books, all of these have played a huge role in creating an atmosphere for learning and typing simple for the common man. Irrespective of when you have started writing in Malayalam, these 5 softwares will completely change your experience relating to Malayalam typing. 

Malayalam Keyboard App

Bharat keyboard’s Malayalam keyboard app is the most popular Malayalm typing digital keyboard on Android Playstore. The keyboard is specially designed by Malayali speakers, which makes it susceptible to details and smallest mistakes. The keyboard then automatically corrects them, or gives suggestions to you to do the change manually. Not only has Malayalam typing become simple but very popular amongst the youth. The reason for this is that the keyboard is not just a typical one, but has other exclusive features.

The keyboard’s basis, the typing software is so well developed that even kids can use them without any issue. The keyboard consists of three keyboard layouts – English, Malayalam and the Manglish keyboard. If Manglish sounds like Manglik which is an omen in the stars according to Hindi traditions, then this is quite the opposite. In fact, the Manglish keyboard is a blessing for all Malayalam typists. All you need to do is type with English letters and the keyboard converts it into Malayalam. Transliteration along with auto-correction and word corrections will make your messages mistake-less.

Stickers from this keyboard is a separate topic in itself. There are many ways in which you can share stickers with your friends without relying on the messaging app. For example, on whatsapp, you can store stickers in the app’s storage, which means you cannot use them in any other app. \

But the manglish keyboard apk allows you to not only make and store stickers but also has hundreds of custom made, ready to share sticker packs available. You can download and use them along with your avatars! Yes, you can create your avatars through this keyboard and use them with any sticker pack.Convert words to emojis with Pop-texts and bigger, animated emojis with Bigmojis. You can even create animated stickers or GIFs through this keyboard.

To make a good impression in your groups, you should always send good messages. Unless you are a writer, words won’t come naturally to you, like most of us. This is where the keyboard will help you again. With a dedicated library of hundreds of Malayali jokes, quotes, and poems, the keyboard will help you always be in the spotlight with some amazing ready-made messages.

Malayalam English Dictionary

A complete guide for Malayalam-English understanding and learning, this app is highly rated on the Playstore. The features include a visual-based meaning of words for kids to understand, grammar such as synonyms and antonyms, usage of words in sentences, a smart-search feature so that you can find words with minimum information like start-with, end-with and containing.

The new update has also enabled offline dictionaries which is a great feature since most dictionary apps require the internet. The app als contains many poems, stories, quotes and Malayalm proverbs for your learning and maybe to use in typing. If you are preparing for the Kerala services exam, there are also current affairs and educational updates for the same.

Malayalam Troll Sticker

Troll Sticker for Whatsapp is a collection of amazing Malayalam stickers and memes that you can share with your friends and family. Troll Sticker makes your conversation interesting and filled with laughter, way cooler than using regular emojis and texts. The sticker packs are specially created  and updated every week including the latest memes and movie dialogues. Troll Sticker packs are small and occupy very little space, so you can add them to Whatsapp easily.

The app’s ratings are also healthy which makes it a reliable source of sticker content with more than a hundred thousand downloads. It will satisfy all your need for Malayalam stickers.

Ezhuth – Malayalam Writing App

An instant Manglish to Malayalam converter, the best thing about this app is that it works offline. Type in English and press space to convert the word to Malayalam. Specially trained software does transliteration without accuracy. There are also ways to do translations, from Malayalam to English and vice versa. Type or paste Malayalam in the box and press on Translate. Follow a similar procedure for English, and get it converted to Malayalam.

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