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How to download videos Twitter for free by simple steps

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks globally. According to statistics, every minute, there will be about 347,222 status lines updated.

Twitter positions itself as a platform focused on sharing users’ statuses with up to 280 characters. Besides, Twitter also allows users to upload videos.

These videos have a variety of content, from entertainment to academic, political, economic, etc. There are videos you want to download so you can watch them later. However, Twitter does not support the video download feature.

Below, I will show you how to download Twitter videos easily and for free.

Here, I will introduce to you a website that supports downloading free Twitter videos. That’s SnapTwitter. With this website you can download Twitter videos with just a few simple steps

Download video Twitter

Follow these few steps:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your phone, or the website on your computer.
  2. Find the video you want to download. Then click on the “Share” icon
  3. Select “Copy link to Tweet”
  4. Open the Twitter downloaderSnapTwitter website on a web browser
  5. Paste the video link into the box. Then, click on the Download icon on the right hand side
  6. Select the appropriate video resolution

Then you just need to wait for the video download to complete.

Thus, with SnapTwitter, you can download Twitter videos to your computer or phone with just a few simple steps. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t repost the video on social media or anywhere. If you want, ask the owner’s permission first.

Hope the article is useful to you.

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