Say NO to weak and dull hairs, here are hair extensions for you

Having long and healthy hair are the dream of every woman. But not every woman is blessed with them. As many of them suffer from short and weak hair. So, when they look at girls who have healthy hair, they long for them. Don’t worry! If you are one of the girls who do not have good hair, here is a great solution for you. every day, the cosmetic world tries and find new ways to discover new things to enhance the girl’s beauty. Just like makeup which is widely used to add up a sparkle on women’s faces, hair extensions are here to resolve the long hair problem. you would get amazed to see natural extensions which look pretty similar to natural hairs. So, if you are struggling, get yourself Custom Hair Extension Packaging.

There is a wide variety available in hair extensions, you can match them with your natural hairs. Unlike traditional wigs which used to look ugly and give fake look. Hair extensions are quite natural, they give your hair a new life. Moreover, you can set them in any way. If you visit the market, you would see that almost every brand has introduced its extensions, so picking the best one might be difficult for you. One trick that might help you to pick the best Hair Extension Boxes would that you need to choose natural-colored extensions. This will make your hairs look two times more attractive and classier.

Why do some people suffer from weak hairs?

This problem is divided into two main categories external and internal factors. Let’s first discover the internal factors.

Internal factors

If you look at people not everyone has good and perfect hairs. This is because of some of their internal problems. For instance, maybe they are not genetically blessed. Moreover, some people suffer with hormonal issues like thyroid. This disease is one of the major reasons of excessive hair fall. Such people suffer with dull and very weak hairs. However, with advancement in cosmetic world, nobody has a right to feel bad about their natural problem. as they can use the hair extensions and can make their hairs look classier. Moreover, it does not look fake and ugly. You just have to grab the best Custom Hair Extension Packaging from your favorite brand and match them with natural hairs.

Another major reason of internal factor could be the poor diet. Some people do not take the healthy diet. As the healthy hairs required lots of proteins. So, such people might miss the proteins in their diet. Hence, this way, they get bad hairs. Moreover, if your diet is missing the vitamins A, D and E. You will have to suffer with dull and weak hairs.

External factors

Just like internal factors, there are many external factors which are the main reason of dull and weak hairs. These factors include the overuse of heating tools like straightener, rod and different crimpers. Moreover, the over use of styling sprays and different chemicals harms the hairs. Some people like to die and color their hairs after every six months. These types of people greatly suffer with hair damaging. So, if you are fond of using hair colors and dyes, you can buy the colored Custom Hair Extension Packaging from anygood brand. This way you can safe your original hairs, and still can flaunt the colored hairs. You just need to add the extensions on the desired parts of your scalp. As they are quite easy to fix, you just need to make sections. And the extensions come with the hooks, add the hooks in the original hairs.

Can the beginner use the extensions easily?

Yes, hair extensions are quite friendly to use. Especially, if you are a beginner, you just required 20 mins, and here you will get long and voluminous hairs. Extensions are fully saved in the hair extension boxes wholesale. Just open the box and have look at them. The extensions are divided into few thick strands which are hooked or taped. But before making the proper hairs, you need to make different sections in the box. Simply brush your hair, and make few sections.

After making the sections, take one thick strand of hair and hooked it in the area where you feel weak hairs. Put the section at that part. Taped or staple with the proper device. Unlike the stationary stapler, the hair extension stapler is different but works pretty much the same. So, any beginner can get their thick and long hair in just a few minutes. It would hardly take you 20 minutes to make them.

How to take care of hair extensions?

As they are unreal hairs, so you might not like to put them all the time. You may get tired or want to wash them. So, in such situations, you can easily take them off. Moreover, you need to maintain them properly. For instance, you have to wash them often and also put them on the boxes that would keep them safe.

Keep them in their original boxes

If you are using the extensions for temporary purposes, after use, wash and brush them thoroughly. Then gently put them into hair extension boxes wholesale. Because they are produced especially for storage. On the other hand, if you put them in a drawer, they will be destroyed and damaged. Throwing them in the drawer will tangle them up and get more stains out. Therefore, it is a good idea to put them back in their storage box.

Wash them to remove dirt

Just like original hairs, hair extensions need to be washed properly. Taking care of them, will long their life. On the other hand, if you do not clean them and maintain them, they will ruin easily. That’s why you should clean them properly. Some custom hair extension boxes include a little shampoo for cleaning purposes. You can clean your extensions with them and put them back in the box.

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