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How To Gain 2X Engagement Rate By Running Instagram Contest?

Do you want to win an iPod from popular brands? All you must start to perform is post a fantastic photo of your photos; what can be best? It is the attracting game of an Instagram contest, one of the effective methods to increase engagement rate and increase your viewers. You are starting from participating in selfie competitions to exciting giveaways. There are eternal methods to decide the effectiveness of contests on the platform Instagram. 

Still, are you unsure about where to kick start your Instagram contest? Then keep scrolling down the article to know more about the Instagram contest. 

1. Sketch An Follower Method

It is significant to determine how long it will take for your audience to start the Instagram contest. Thus, designing followers requirements in your post. Pick among the different content types, and feel free to make it innovative. 

Win-Win Strategy: Comments /  Tags  / Likes

It is simple to start Instagram contests. Start to win the Instagram contest is one of the contests that prompts users to like a photo after you post for a time to get a prize. A comment to win a contest requires audiences to react to your post. A tag to win will increase your fan following to take their friends for your business page. 

Photo Challenge Using Instagram Contests: User-generating content

Start to take part in the photo challenge by Instagram contest. The followers should share a photo on their account through the story or feed on the theme. Suppose you select (and a particular hashtag which we will assist in picking later). Moreover, start to use Trollishly that elevates your engagement on the Instagram community by improving your business. 

2. Mention A Evident Theme

Are you experiencing innovation for a UGC-dependent Instagram contest? It is now the right time to choose a theme. You may need to choose something interesting that organizes your market and niche. But don’t delay to start on upcoming holidays, present seasons, or even work on notable trends. If you are trying to make your Instagram popular among your followers, start working with Trollishly to improve your brand visibility and exposure. 

3. Identify Perfect Hashtags

Every day, a bunch of hashtags comes up with a unique hashtag. So stay calm and remember the rules if you don’t need to commit any hashtags imitation. 

Short & Catchy

Long hashtags are a little challenging to remember and won’t attract much attention. So keep it simple, and create something that appeals to people’s thoughts. 

Make Relevance To Brand Or Theme

Suppose you need to connect with the contest for your brand or a business. Then make sure to associate with the relevant keywords on your hashtags. 

Real & Authentic 

How many are Instagram users already using your tags for other purposes? If it is more than three, head back to the platform. 

4. Select An Relevant Reward

Rewarding followers with a prize suitable for the followers is essential. But always remember that the primary purpose of the Instagram contest attracts followers. Therefore, it would help if you offered something relevant for your business and potential audience’s interests. 

If you have a music store, don’t offer a giveaway as a hand mixer. The follower will be entering to win the reward and not as they would ever look into your channel. 

Pro Tip: It may be worth displaying the award on your picture to make everything more appealing. Are you looking for effective results on your Instagram profile? Do you wish to maximize your online presence? Start to buy Instagram views that enhance your credibility by improving your likes and views from genuine and authentic viewers. 

5. Expand Through Word Of Mouth

Start to execute your plan; you should plan your promotional tactics. No one will jump into your Instagram contest until they know about it. While sharing the promotion photo on your channel, try to use a top-quality image. Include the term Giveaway or the real contest hashtag into your image. It may attract followers and produce more submissions. Like the American fashion, company @Nastygal performs for their cracking #TruthOrDare competition. 

Moreover, check that your post consists of all these aspects.

  • The follower’s rules work on the contest.
  • The hashtag to use in the Instagram post.
  • The time limit to start the contest. 
  • The date of the winner announcement

Suppose your Instagram contests stay active for a longer time. It is significant to stay active and remember your followers what they can win. Until you are Ben & Jerry, whose giveaways are free ice cream, not every user will jump through your previous posts in search of the contest. Thus make sure to post reminders and make participants informed within the time. 

Finally, because it is occurring on Instagram, it doesn’t need to remain active Instagram. Instead, post your contest on other social media platforms like Facebook by blogging it. You can even tweet the link or use a Hello bar on your website. Share it everywhere on the internet. 


These strategic ideas help you gain twice your engagement rate for the Instagram contests. So please don’t waste time; put your tricks into practice and let us know how it works well. Then, start to work with Trollishly elevating your Instagram reach by generating revenue for the business. 

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