How to Get Internet While Traveling to Rural & Remote Areas?

Whether you are out on the go or traveling anywhere across the U.S., a subscription to Spectrum Internet packages gives you access to tens of thousands of wireless hotspots nationwide. And there are multiple other providers too giving the same privilege to their subscribers. 

On the other hand, if you have planned a trekking trip to the wild with your friends and need a temporary internet connection, go for a mobile hotspot. It might be a little expensive but you may even have hotspot data already as a part of your current mobile phone package, so there may be no need to pay any additional amount. And it allows its users to enjoy 4G LTE as well. But look out for slow speeds and limited data allowances after you utilize all your data.

However, if that’s not the case and you are spending a month or more with your relatives staying in rural America, there are other faster options too. If you have choices, some rural internet services will perform better for different uses than others. All in all, here is what we recommend.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service

It is widely available in the majority of rural areas and also offers mobile phone reception to its users. 

DSL Internet Connection

If the area where you are staying has access to a landline, then you can easily choose this old-school DSL internet service.

Satellite Internet Connection

No matter where you are staying, you can easily access this service and enjoy the internet in rural areas. 


Just like DSL, you can utilize this service if the place where you are staying has access to a landline. But this option should be reserved as a last resort as it’s extremely slow. 

Is Fiber Internet Available In Rural Areas?

Enjoying fiber optic internet speeds is not an option in rural areas and is considered a unicorn in even the major rural cities.   

Is Rural Wi-Fi Any Good?

If you want to get the best internet for remote areas, then make a final decision on the basis of the internet speed you require and the service that you can easily afford. If you are traveling in those rural or remote areas where mobile wireless or DSL internet service is available, then always opt for these. 

You can also go for the hot-spotting option if you don’t intend to use heavy data. In case you need internet for video streaming, then mobile wireless internet is the more suitable option. It does not include any contract and is portable too.

Will 5G Work in Rural Areas?

AT&T is one of the first internet service providers that initiated the idea of 5G. It launched the first 5G hotspot model. 

In rural areas, 5G will function differently. It might result in introducing the use of new and unique ways of living and harvesting. However, it will not allow residents to enjoy high-speed internet browsing and streaming. So, if you think you can easily stream Netflix with 5G then we don’t see the chances of this happening anytime soon in rural settings.  It might take a couple of years or more for internet connection service to get better in rural areas.

There You Are!

If you are planning to escape the city for a farmhouse in rural America, we sincerely wish you get access to a good internet service. Just to help you out, here are some of the top rural areas you can consider if you don’t want to cut off from the rest of the world during your trip. 

CityFastest Average Download Speed
Boardman103.8 Mbps
Madisonville101.7 Mbps
Rifle96.7 Mbps
Pulaski96.6 Mbps
Seaford96.4 Mbps
Ware92.0 Mbps
Barnegat90.1 Mbps
Lock Haven89.5 Mbps
Cotati89.0 Mbps
Valley86.6 Mbps

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