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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal?

Firstly, let’s go through a quick depiction of wholesaling in real estate for those of you who are unfamiliar with the phrase.


When it comes to real estate, investing isn’t always easy. Real Estate Investing can be tough to navigate in reality, and it typically comes at a heavy cost. Purchasing and selling a home takes time as well.

Initially, there’s the matter of saving up for a down payment, obtaining financing, completing all of the necessary paperwork, and finally closing. Moreover, you will spend time dealing with tenants and collecting rent.


Real Estate Is a Lucrative Business.

You still have a few options when you’re committed to making real estate investments but can’t bear the concept of collecting up all that money and navigating the acquisition process.

One of them is real estate wholesaling. It’s a legal method you can employ to your benefit without ever making a buying offer or putting down a deposit. Selling houses can be a difficult, time-consuming, and costly process. Let Chase Pays Cash LLC help you avoid these hassles of selling your house on the market by giving them a call today as We Buy Houses Birmingham Alabama.

What Is Wholesaling in Real Estate?

Whenever a wholesaling real estate investor discovers a property that is undervalued. He or she then enters into a contract with the seller to acquire the property. 

They’ll then assign or purchase the property to resell it at a better price later. The ultimate purpose of the selling process is to collect a fee. 

We see a lot of adverts with the words “property for sale” in them. The buyers are almost certainly real estate investors trying to wholesale properties. 

After signing a purchase agreement with a seller, real estate wholesalers look for an end customer for the seller’s properties.

How Do Wholesalers in Real Estate Work?

Wholesalers are investors who have many contracts with sellers at once. To find buyers, the Wholesaler will usually market the property online. 

The end buyer will then pay the Wholesaler a fee for the Wholesaler’s legal interest in the property to be transferred to the ultimate purchaser.

What Does a Real Estate Wholesaler Offer?

Real estate wholesalers can offer any type of commercial property, including apartments, buildings, undeveloped land, small houses, and undeveloped land.

How Does Wholesaling Work?

To benefit from a quick sale, property sellers frequently agree to sell at a lower price than the market value. 

Investors are often on the lookout for sellers who require urgent cash to address financial issues such as medical catastrophes. 

The wholesaler may occasionally purchase a home with a lesser value and renovate it before reselling it for a higher price.

You don’t need years of expertise in the industry to get launched in real estate wholesaling. Beginners can get up and running quickly and start earning money right away. 

However, in addition to solid strategy and communication skills, experience is still a benefit in every business.


Is Wholesaling Legal?

It is self-evident that wholesaling real estate is legal. You should be aware of the legal repercussions if you’re new to real estate wholesaling. Unless the law is followed the wholesaling will not take place.

Wholesaling real estate is lawful as long as you obey your state government’s rules, which are in place to safeguard all parties involved. That is, you should never harm the other party as an investor, a property seller, or a final buyer.

You ought to be informed of any legal problems that may result in legal complications. Morally acceptable real estate laws have been followed by all state governments.

Any real estate investor involved in real estate wholesaling must adhere to transparency and ethics. Wholesaling can be extremely profitable for those willing to follow the rules of the state in which they want to do business.

Legal Wholesaling Real Estate Methods

There are various methods to establish a wholesale deal if you wish to wholesale properties. 

The following are the most common:

  • Assignment of Contract 
  • Double Closing 
  • Buying and Selling

Why Is Wholesaling a Good Idea for Beginners? 

It’s good to know how things will turn out if you’ve begun selling your property. Safe property selling may be a rewarding and successful activity when done correctly.

Wholesale real estate can be a fantastic way for new investors to get their feet wet in the real estate market without having to put down a large sum of money. 


Flipping Vs. Wholesaling

Flipping is not the same as wholesaling. A flipper buys a house, takes possession of it, renovates it, and then sells it for a profit. 

Wholesaling appeals to investors since they never accept rights to the property, limiting their exposure to any issues that arise throughout the deal. 

They can also earn without having to spend any money to buy the property. Wholesaling appeals to buyers and sellers because they believe it saves them money over a regular brokerage transaction.


Make sure you’re aware of your state’s rules before you start listing wholesale properties for sale. Understanding the laws and regulations will help you run your business more efficiently while staying out of trouble with the law.

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