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Pool Covers: Smart Reasons to Cover a Swimming Pool

One of the most interesting things to consider when having a swimming pool is whether or not to cover it. Did you know that covering your swimming pool doesn’t only protect it during harsh weather, but can leave your property more efficient and help grow plants through the winter? Read about all of the benefits of using a pool cover in this blog article!

What is a Pool Cover?

A glass pool cover is designed to keep out contaminants, insects, and leaves. It also allows the water inside your pool to be heated or cooled depending on your needs. If you live in a cold climate, it will keep the water temperature at which you need it. When the cover is removed, a timer automatically turns on your pump and filters; this will ensure that the pool stays clean and free of debris. Swimming pools are typically a fun place to splash around or have a summer party but they can become a burden if they begin to show signs of damage. Some water sports might even be dangerous when the pool is in poor condition. A pool cover can make sure your swimming pool stays healthy and safe by preventing bacteria, ticks, and leaves from getting into the pool.

Why Use a Pool Cover?

The act of covering your pool can help protect it and the surrounding area from temperature changes, dust, chemicals, and other contaminants. Installing auto pool covers also helps to keep your pool clean and prevent issues with algae, which is prevalent in many swimming pools.

Reasons to Use a Pool Cover Year-Round

In the northern states and Canada, pool covers should be used year-round. In the southern states, it is recommended to only use a pool cover during the winter months. In many U.S. cities, most pools are closed and covered for winter because of health risks associated with open swimming pools in cold weather.

Benefits of a Pool Cover

Swimming pools are great for your family, especially when the weather outside is so hot. Unfortunately, you can’t take a swim in the pool when it’s covered. However, a pool cover has many benefits including providing extra protection from insects, reducing water evaporation, and allowing you to enjoy your privacy.

Alternatives to a Pool Cover

One of the most important things to cover your pool is a cover. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you live in a dry climate or have an uncovered pool all year, an alternative would be to use a solar cover. Any pool cover can be installed by yourself and this gives it the advantage of being more durable. It is also less expensive than buying a commercial grade cover which provides many benefits over its competitors.


The number one reason to cover your pool is to protect your investment. The second reason is for safety. Just as you would shield a child from the sun on hot days and snow on cold days, you should also be concerned about protecting your pool during the winter months.

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