Six Epic Titles Coming to the New PlayStation Plus Extra Tier

Sony is in the middle of rolling out its revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service as it tries to compete with the far superior Game Pass that Microsoft offers its Xbox customers. The new PlayStation Plus is a three-tiered system, two of which combine the traditional subscription model with the now-defunct PlayStation Now streaming service.

All customers with an active PlayStation Plus subscription will automatically join the PlayStation Plus Essential tier. This tier is very much the same as the current service, with free downloadable monthly games, exclusive discounts, and online multiplayer access. However, the Essential tier adds a library of up to 400 of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games, including six epic titles from the official launch date of June 22, 2022.

God of War

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God of War is one of the best-ever video games, and it is free to play for customers subscribing to PlayStation Plus Extra. Launched in 2018 as a PS4 exclusive, God of War has sold more than 20 million copies. Within weeks of its launch, news outlets and online sportsbook Betonline made God of War a clear favorite for the coveted Game of the Year award. Their predictions came true with God of War cleaning up almost across the board.

It is worth subscribing to the new Extra tier for this title alone.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is another title released in 2018, another PlayStation exclusive, and one of the greatest superhero games of all time. The game is a must-play for all Spider-Man fans, mainly as it introduces some of the series’ most popular characters, including Wilson Fisk, Vulture, Tombstone, J. Jonah Jameson, and Mary-Jane.

Should you complete the amazing main story, there is a handful of DLC to continue your journey.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5 console and, therefore, one of the first titles to take advantage of the raw power of the next generation of consoles.

Miles Morales is introduced in Marvel’s Spider-Man, although you only play small sections of the game as him. However, this title is dedicated to the new hero, and it showcases what the PS5 can do. The haptic feedback from the triggers helps immerse you in the game while the loading screens are almost nonexistent. Throw into the mix a steady 60FPS frame rate with ray-tracing, and you have all the ingredients of a video game classic.


Returnal is probably one of the best PS5 titles that you have not heard of. Finnish studio Housemarque launched Returnal as a PS5 exclusive on April 30, 2021, and it quickly gained a cult following.

The game runs in 4K at 60FPS, so it looks absolutely amazing. The scenery, movement, and particle effects are awe-inspiring, while the haptic triggers feedback is still the best on the console a year after this game’s release.

This title has roguelike elements that see your character respawn at the start of a level each time you die because you are stuck in a time loop. Each map is random, so no two playthroughs are the same. Returnal is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a gem of a game.

Death Stranding

Video game fans went crazy when they learned Hideo Kojima was behind an upcoming title known as Death Stranding. The renowned developer has a long history of producing fantastic, story-driven titles, and Death Stranding continues that trend.

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is the titular character and is fully motion-captured. You play as a courier in a post-apocalyptic world, one tasked with delivering vital supplies to various outposts.

Death Stranding is not everyone’s cup of tea, but most who play it and persevere with it end up loving it for its uniqueness.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest in a long line of Mortal Kombat fighting titles that first launched in 1992. The game has come on in leaps and bounds since that original game and is now an almost perfect fighting game.

Fans of the series will be pleased to learn some of the iconic characters are present and correct, including Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Scorpion. Also returning are the infamous fatality finishers. The game has sold more than 12 million copies globally, showing it is still immensely popular.

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