Should you opt for the Wonderful wagon w4 or w2?

A Wonderfold wagon is one of the most popular stroller options for new parents. New parents have many things they require for their bundle of joy, and one of them is undoubtedly the wonderfold wagon w1. Add a few other kids, and they will surely stumble upon the wonderfold wagon w4 premium or wonderfold wagon w2. 

When dealing with multiple kids, a wagon stroller is the best option for parents. Some parents may find a new wonderfold stroller wagon slightly pricer, and for them, options like a used wonderfold wagon are still available.

Today we will be comparing the Wonderfold wagon w4 and the wonderfold wagon w2, looking into their similarities and differences to help parents better judge which one is better for them and their little ones. All of the wonderfold wagon reviews, like the wonderfold wagon w4 reviews, are great. 

So, at the end of the day, the choice will surely come to the parents and what they are looking for.

Here is a list of things that we will be looking at for both the Wonderfold strollers:


Accommodation is one of the most significant differences between these two wagons. That’s pretty evident from their names, the wonderfold wagon w4 accommodates four little ones, and the wonderfold wagon w2 accommodates two kids. 

This is necessary to understand that both the wagons can fit an additional child or less if you have three kids, but there are weight limits for the seats in them.

For parents, if you have two kids, around the same age, the wonderful stroller wagon w2 is an excellent choice, but if you have three or even two kids but with quite an age gap, you can opt for the wonderfold wagon w4 as it will be more spacious for your children of older ages too.

Flexible and comfortable seats

Seats are another essential feature in stroller wagons. For both the excellent stroller wagons w4 and w2, the seats are flexible and adjustable. So not only can the seats for both the wagons come off and give you a Collapsible wagon that you can easily fold up, but they can also be positioned as you like.

The recommended option is to have the stroller seats face to face. But if you do want all your kids to face your way or ahead, or even opposite to each other, you can easily adjust the seats in both the wagons.

Weight limits

The seats can hold up to about 33 pounds per seat. So if you have the w2, it can hold a child up to around 33 pounds on each seat. Since the w4 is double that, the weight ratio multiplied by 2x. So, you can have four children of up to 33 pounds each on the w4. This gives you the option of having a bigger child fit into one seat, too, in the w4.

The weight limits on the w4 give you the option of a wagon that can stay with you for years to come, as it can accommodate even bigger kids because of its more enduring weight capacity. But if you plan to change your wagon now and then, the w2 will work fine too.

Dimensions and weight 

Another significant difference between the two is the dimensions of both the wagons. Since the w4 accommodates four children, it has a larger width. But the height and the length of the wagons are almost the same. Although with the canopy, the w4 is about 2 inches higher than the w2.

The wheels of the wonderfold wagon w4 are more prominent and sturdier, and they will be holding more weight than the w2, but the naked eye can’t tell much of a difference between the two. Both the strollers can pass through a doorway and are not too big to store or handle.

Handlebars and pull straps

Another difference between the two, in their previous models, was the handlebar. In the w2, the parents get an adjustable handlebar with different positions depending on their comfort level. With the w4, the old model did not come with an adjustable handlebar which may be a hassle for some parents. 

Fortunately, both the wagons come with pull straps at the front of the wagons to pull them and can be attached and removed quite easily.


Both the Wonderfold w2 and the w4 have a smooth ride and a one-foot brake system at the back. They may not climb mountains, but they sure let the kids enjoy a smooth and safe ride in the mall.


There isn’t much difference in the storage between the two, as both come with front and side pockets. The only difference with the w4 is that it has a separate basket attached to the back that helps parents place more items in there than the w2, which doesn’t have that storage basket.

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Now that you know about the various differences in size, storage, weight and ride between the w2 and w4, it’ll be easier for you to select the right stroller. Maybe you want handlebars that are more adjustable to your liking? Or a stroller for 4 instead of 2, so now you know which one to get.

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