Outdoor Stair Lifts for Seniors

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome as we become older is mobility loss and other related such problems. There are a wide variety of ailments that might limit our capacity to get around as we become older, whether it’s joint troubles, hip discomfort, or other health concerns that put us at a risk. From canes and walkers to outdoor stair lifts, there are methods to aid older people.

However, as we become older, we have a stronger desire to stay in our houses but also to move freely. According to a survey, 90 percent of seniors want to age at their homes. The dilemma is that the architectural choices we make in our 40s and 50s may not be appropriate for our mobility needs in our 80s and that’s where both outdoor and indoor stair lifts play an important role. Stairs, in particular outdoor stairs, are a source of danger, since accidents at stairs can prove fatal. With outdoor stair lifts as an option, it becomes safe and easy to move outdoors within the housing premises.

The following are some of the advantages of installing outdoor stair lifts:

1) They keep your loved one secure and comfortable in their own home even if it is outdoors.

2) They provide aging and handicapped people with independence in moving outdoors within the housing premises.

3) Using outdoor stair lifts is simple.

4) Outdoor stair lifts are less expensive than elevators.

5) Outdoor stair lifts are water-resistant.

6) Outdoor stair lift covers are waterproof.

7) Outdoor stair lifts are weather-resistant as well.

8) No substantial outdoor stairway adjustments are necessary.

9) To provide regular access to the outdoor stairs, the seat and foot petals fold out of the way.

The first thing to consider is if you have adequate room and whether your steps are broad enough to accommodate an outdoor stair lift. Many older homes have tiny basement stairs, which may be a concern.

When purchasing a straight or curved outdoor stair lifts, keep the following qualities in mind:

• Padded sitting and backrest for enhanced comfort on the outdoor stair lifts.

• Seat, footrest, and arms may all be folded up.

• Sensors and safety belts to be present in outdoor stair lifts.

• Digital Diagnostic Display/ Controls via remote.

• Paddle switches with directions.

• On/off switch that can be locked.

• Swivel seat with a lock.

• Battery powered outdoor stair lift

For people who require assistance getting up or down in an outside staircase, outdoor stair lifts enable multi-floor or terrace movement. The person sits on a seat that is fastened to a track that runs the length of the stairs. The chair is moved to the next floor of the house by a battery-powered motor in the unit.

Outdoor stair lifts are a terrific alternative for outdoor home stairs for not only elder and old people but also disabled and partially able people. In most cases, outdoor stair lifts may be installed in a day itself. Furthermore, outdoor stair lifts do not take up a lot of outdoor space and they can come in handy due to their compact design.

Imagine being able to leave your house knowing that you’ll be able to navigate safely both inside and out. With over four decades of outdoor stair lift manufacturing expertise, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to refine our abilities. Our tough, long-lasting outdoor stair lifts are a product we are particularly pleased with. See how a Stannah outdoor stairlift may help you make the most of your outdoor living areas! Get in touch with us now.

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