PERIOD – PCOS edition

Polycystic ovary disorder/ syndrome is a general issue 2 out of the five young women and adults face nowadays. This issue is a hormonal condition that changes the being and functioning of young girls through them facing a series of issues and symptoms daily, including it affecting their periods. 

In this guide, not only would the issues and symptoms be listed out in detail, but would also help young women understand their part of the symptoms and what exactly is going on with them (everybody is prone to face different unique symptoms that are designed to suit their own body) and what is the reason behind them requiring special period underwear for teens.

The most common symptoms that PCOS could likely result in a woman’s menstrual cycle are:

Lack of consistency in the period cycle: 

Many women have a common ground of getting on their chumps after 40 days to 4 months after their last cycle, which is considered a problem when happening consistently. Receiving the chumps extremely early, twice, within the same month or extremely late is considered a problem in this case. 

However, another thing to not neglect is the cycle lasting longer than it should, which brings out another common problem. A healthy normal cycle lasts for about 4-6 days, while girls particularly suffering through PCOD sometimes have their cycle running for 14-30 days of straight or irregular bleeding, which makes them fatigued and causes hair fall, obesity, and nausea.

Heavy bleeding: 

There’s honestly nothing worse to be double sure of placing the sanitary napkin fitted and tight to the panties and still feel wet down there than to only get up and notice a stain on the chair or bench in your workplace, classroom or sofa. 

There’s nothing worse than going through it consistently and not being able to do much about it on behalf of trying everything in one’s power. This is the sign of one facing a high bleeding pattern, which indicates them feeling tired and drained all day long too. 

To save some embarrassment and a lot of anxious and sad moments, it’s always best to opt for pads that soak up extra blood for hours, with wings, in addition to checking out specific period underwear for teens, which would help with high bleeding and stains recurring in your cycle.

No chumps at all: 

This is another problem that is derived from polycystic ovary disorder. Some women don’t lay eggs for months and sometimes years, straight, unless they seek professional help, which is not normal or another sign that their body is trying to adjust in any way. This is just a sign one’s body is trying to let out of a major problem of the cyst being formed in their ovaries, that if not treated, could lead to infertility.

Bad cramps: 

This is the worst of all and terrifying for one to go through. The pain of one’s PCOS period cramps is more or equivalent to someone going through a heartache. This brings us to the fact of PCOS period cramps being excessively painful while coming in like heavy waves and contractions every few seconds of the day. These cramps are unbearable and may require a few women to take more than two painkillers to sustain the day. 

Another bad side of these cramps could be nausea, diarrhoea, constipation or loose motion, mood swings, weird cravings with the individual vomiting out all the food constantly and what not. So if you’re someone going through this, get yourself checked up by a trusted professional and seek help if the problem is unbearable or persistently continues.

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