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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For AR App Development?

Wasn’t Pokemon Go fun? How about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? If you have answers to these questions then it implies that you would grasp the concept of Augmented Reality, or AR, faster than others. Less information about AR is also fine as in this article, we will tell you what AR is and why you should opt for AR app development.

The practical examples of AR include apps that let you try clothes without having to wear them or even without having to visit the store. They also include the analytical display of the information related to the game that is being played on the field. In simple words, seeing all the digital elements in the real world is Augmented Reality.

The Reasons

The AR technology was indirectly pitched to the world when Boeing mentioned using it to design its aircraft. Little did the company that it had kick-started a new trend in the world of technology.

Various companies, startups and established, have already started opting for AR. Here’s why you should opt for it as well.

Easy Customer Assistance

Every gadget or automobile that a customer purchases is now loaded with technology. The only section of the population that understands that technology is the one that has studied it. A gadget or automobile is, however, used by everyone.

Companies cannot afford to frustrate their customers because customers are unable to understand the functioning of a gadget or a piece of equipment. This specifically applies to the situation where a car breaks down. Carrying a manual everywhere is one thing and being able to fix a car by reading it is another thing, probably a unique skill.

Hyundai, for example, has launched its app that assists a customer to fix his or her car. It works on a simple rule. A customer has to open the app and point the device towards the engine of the car. The app then shows the name and size of the equipment along with the problem and ways to fix it.

Enhanced Interactive Experience

Being able to interact with an expert in the field that interests you is a blessing. AR technology enables you to experience this firsthand in the comfort of your home.

DrawyBook App by BIC Kids is one such example. It is specifically to be used by children, although adults are also welcomed. A child’s creativity delivers results if it is nurtured during their younger days. This is what the app helps parents to do. It lets a kid draw and fill it with different shapes and sizes. It takes a minute to see what your child’s favorite color would look like on the drawing.

The same if done on paper would take more time and may also lead to the wastage of a paper. On the app, you can just test and erase if it does not work for your kid.

Edge Over Competitors

The early adopters of technology get the benefit of first mover’s advantage. Others still get an option to adapt to the new technology and create an edge over their competitors.

AR technology has been with us for a while. It would be right to say that it would remain a part of our lives forever, in one form or another. Some companies are yet to understand this. Those who have understood it have already got an edge over other players in the market.

The leader of the shoe market, Nike, was quick to shift its focus on AR. It launched an app where people could shop its products. What made it different was the AR technology. Online shopping is a challenge for customers who are looking for shoes. They often fail to estimate the size that would fit them. Nike’s app simply scans the feet of a customer and recommends him or her the appropriate size of the shoe.

Entry Into The Store, Virtually

A customer can be sitting at his or her home and yet visit the store. All the customer would need is an app from that store. 

The other, and the most famous, way to look at it is that a store virtually enters a customer’s home. IKEA has set a trend in the retail sector. We are referring to the fact that one can now view how the furniture would look at his or her home without having to buy it.

Every piece of furniture has its design and color. These may not go well with one’s wall or other pieces of furniture. Hence, buying without having to look at it in person would be nothing but a waste of money. IKEA lets its customers virtually place furniture in their homes and get an idea before buying.

Excessive Training At No Risk

Training can be dangerous. The ones that we are referring to are related to Army Training. Army soldiers must be trained before they can go on a field to execute a mission.

The United States of America recently signed a contract with Microsoft to get its AR technology onboard. The system would be used to train the soldiers in a virtually simulated environment. The contract is approximately worth $480 million. It has been given a name as Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS.

This example does not restrict the usage to only the US Army. Many driving schools across the globe have also taken note of how AR can help in training sessions. They have since then set up a virtually simulated car driving cabin where people learn how to drive without actually driving a car.

Final Words

The blending of the digital world and the real world has already started taking many businesses forward. Many customized mobile application development services can help you to leverage this trend and grow at a much faster pace.

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