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When To Repair And Replace Commercial Roofing in Edinburgh

Roofing is a very important part of any building whether a residential building or a commercial building. Roofing plays a main role by giving support to the structure of the building and protecting everything that is inside the building. 

It is vital for a building that its roof is in great condition, and if it is not then you can hire professional roofers to do a maintenance job on your roof. One such company in Edinburgh, Ronald Graham Roofing ( is a name to trust in the roofing business. 

When to Repair or Replace? 

To know when your roof needs a repair or replacement, it is advised to hire roofers or roofing professionals. By doing so, you can catch the bubbling issue with the roof before any severe unrepairable damage is done. 

A regular roof inspection is very important to save yourself from probable bigger damage to the roof. But if the roof is severely damaged then there is little option other than replacing and setting up a new roofing. When your home suffers from hail damage, it’s important to find the best-certified roofing Viking Contractors in Minnesota to repair the damage. Here are some tips on what to look for and how to choose the right one!

Commercial Roofing Repairs 

Commercial roofing and repairs are very different from residential roofing. Even the materials used for these different projects are very different and are selected according to the need of the building.   

Commercial roofing repairs usually require a lot of effort and labour. The ventilation system, air conditioning, gutter and ducts are generally installed on the roof, so it needs a lot more from the maintenance team as well. 

Materials Used in Commercial Roofing 

Choosing materials that are durable, long-lasting to ensure the long life span of the roof is very important. When selecting the materials for the roof, we should keep many things in mind like the overall average temperature and weather condition of the area, building structure, roof access. 

Some common materials used in commercial roofing are mentioned below: 

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofs are the first and best choice for commercial roofing. It is long-lasting, durable, withstands harsh weather conditions and is also fir-resistant. Although it is prone to get rusted, that flaw can be eradicated by using a protective layer over metal sheets to prevent rust. 

Rubber Roofing 

Rubber roof is also a very popular option for commercial roofing. This type of roofing is usually used in flat roofs and are proven to be durable against weather conditions. This material is also 100% recyclable. 

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing 

SPF roofing is covered by spraying the liquid on the roof and forms foam after drying. It is water-proof, eco-friendly, cost-efficient and is very easy to install. 

Built-Up Roofing 

Built-up roofing is a very common selection for flat roofs. It uses a mixture of gravel and tar to form the topmost layer which is very durable. The alternating layers of gravel and stone give it a long-lasting life span and the materials used are also very economical. 


Getting your roof frequently inspected for probable damage is the best decision you can take to make timely repairs on your roof. Many professional contractors offer commercial roof repairs in Edinburgh one of which are Ronald Graham Roofing

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