Choose the Right Roofing Contractor in Guelph

Choosing the right roofing contractor in Guelph is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider that are important. Although companies may offer similar services, there are ways to distinguish the good from the bad. Below lists down the indicators for a great roofing contractor.

Factors for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor in Guelph 2021

#1. Make a List

#2. Call Your Top 3 Options

#3. Ask for References

#4. Social Media

#5. Roof Warranty

1. Making a List of Companies

A common mistake people make is the lack of research on the front end. Choosing the first company seen online is not a smart move. Make a list of 5-10 contractors in your area that seem fit for the job. Narrow down your list and make note of the price and Google reviews. Once you get this information, you will have a better idea of what each business offers. Customer reviews are one of the most important factors in your decision-making process. This will give you an idea of experience and their relationship with customers. When analyzing the price, do not deter from the higher of the listed options. There is most likely reasoning behind the premium pricing.

2. Call Your Top 3 Options

Once you have your list created, refer to the notes you made on each company. Rank each pro and con based and rank them accordingly. When hiring a Guelph roofing company, ask questions to understand the business. Write down questions you want to ask them. This helps you eliminate contractors even further. It is key to note that some companies charge for quotes. Receiving a free quote helps understand their pricing scheme right away. This could be a make-or-break factor for your roofing project.

3. Ask for References

If you still are wary of the companies you’ve narrowed, check the customer reviews. Google reviews and website testimonials are great resources. The information will help you understand projects completed in the past. Google reviews tend to be the least bias reviews you can find. Website testimonials usually act as more of a selling point for the company. If you ask the company to provide references, it is worth contacting them. That way, you can receive a candid review from the customer. There may be some flaws in the past that you can help prevent during your project.

4. Social Media

The social media presence of the company provides images of previous work. This is a reference to see if the Guelph roofing services have been completed in the past. Social media is a primary way of networking. A company’s online presence shows a lot about where they stand in the industry. If anything sticks out to you on their platforms, bring this up in conversation.

5. Roof Warranty

The details of the roof warranty are not always outlined. Some companies won’t cover the entire roofing system. Most of the time, defective materials are only covered. Defective material is a hard situation to prove. Having more than the manufacturer’s warranty is important. To avoid dealing with these uncertainties, ensure this is included in the contract they provide you. This will limit the liability on your end. Trusted roofing companies provide all sorts of guarantees. If you are unsatisfied with the job, having them fix any imperfections is a must.


There are many key factors in the decision-making process. Some important things to avoid are as follows. Calling the first company you see online. This is a common mistake that a lot of inexperienced customers do. Narrowing down a list and comparing companies is a way to get information on the roofing industry.

Also, references can make or break a business. Check each company’s reviews on Google and their website. From there, you can understand the type of people you will be dealing with. Furthermore, social media is a way to gather information. Previous jobs are always posted on social media. There should be previous customers that are interacting on these platforms. It is encouraged to call them and have a candid conversation about their roofing project. Using many resources is the best way to choose the right roofing company.

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