RuneScape 3 Twilight of the Gods Quest Guide

It’s time for the gods of Gielinor to leave

Following the events of Extinction, the adventurer has a bit of cleanup to do after the war. You’ll end up exploring some ruins, befriending some familiar demons, and infiltrating a cult. RuneScape gold-wise, it’s not really something you’d do to earn more of those; however, its lore is invaluable, especially to interested parties.

Here’s what you need to do for the Twilight of the Gods quest.

Twilight of the Gods Requirements

You must be a member and have a character that has completed the following quests:

  • Extinction
  • Eye of Het II miniquest
  • Desperate Measures
  • City of Senntisten
  • Broken Home
  • Eyes in Their Stars Archaeology Mystery

You must also have met Naressa in Senntisten before. As for skill levels, 80 in Divination and 60 in Thieving is the minimum. This quest has no combat portions, so don’t worry about that.

The Runescape items you’ll need are:

  • Infernal Ashes
  • A Vial
  • Three empty inventory spaces

The Runescape items above are available while you do the quest, so the empty spaces are your primary concern. Aside from those, we recommend you bring:

  • A Master Archaeologist’s outfit or Archaeology Journal
  • Karamja Gloves 3 or Wicked Hood or Elder Divination Outfit
  • Portable Fairy Ring, TokKul-Zo, or Cape of Legends
  • Memory Strand
  • Enriched Pontifex Ring

The recommendations are primarily for teleporting to nearby places to cut travel time. One of the Runescape items in each bullet point is recommended so you can instantly get to where you need to go.

Twilight of the Gods Guide

Start the quest by talking to Sir Cadian near the entrance to Senntisten. He tells you about a group of White Knights ambushed by demons. Before both sides got into a proper fight, a third party barged in, quickly disposing of the demons. Sir Cadian warns you that the mysterious third participant in the ambush is more dangerous than any demon.

Follow a blood trail near the TzekHaar Front. It leads you past some aggressive but ignorable greater demons to the Nodon Front. Go to Naressa’s house and see her talking to Gregorovic. You warn her that the latter is a dangerous man, but she recognizes him as a demon acquaintance, Erasinus. After some moments, she realizes you’re also telling the truth and suspects that Erasinus/Gregorovic has SIPD (superimposed personality disorder).

Naressa tells you to go to the Senntisten Asylum with her, as it might have some clues to a cure for the disorder.

Your group arrives at the asylum, only to find the gate locked. Your companions try opening it but fail. Talk to Naressa, then pull the lever in her proximity. Go up and see notes on key usage on a bookcase situated on the other end of the room from the stairs. Go back downstairs and pull the lever on the desk. Head back up to grab the keys from the filing cabinet near the stairs. Often, the long or short purple key is the one that opens the gate.

The gate opens to a lift. Enter it, and three Abyss Savages will meet you at the end of the ride. Talk to one, but they bring you and your companions to Cyrillus, Yk’Lagor the Thunderous, and Dahaka. In the following conversation, you learn that the latter two are actually Aughra Dragonkin that inhabited the demon’s bodies. They also want the cure you’re seeking and advise you to hurry before their deal expires.

After this conversation, Abyss Savages will ignore you. Leave through the exit to the room’s southeast, where you’ll see Rowena (or a look-alike). Follow her through the asylum, but after the second encounter, take a little detour to grab a Syringe from the incinerator room. Then, when she stops by a room just south of the one that contains the savages, you should search the seat for Infernal Ashes.

She leads you to a reception room where you realize it’s Senecianus you’re following. He tells you that your former ‘cure’ wasn’t permanent, and he switches between stages of being in control and not. He explains he’s here to look for a cure but avoids meeting the others because he dislikes Abyssals.

You then explain that Erasinus is in the same boat as him. Shocked by that coincidence, Senecianus enthusiastically gives you all his notes on the sickness. Nabor had left his research findings nearby, though the demon didn’t think it would be helpful.

He then gives you a copy of the Break Curse Scroll you used on him in the past. He tells you that it might be possible to make a cure from a combination of the spell and Nabor’s notes. To make the cure, you need to:

  • Fill the Vial with Vile Water from the sink south of where the Abyssal Beasts are. (You can find Vials in a room northeast of Senecianus.)
  • Use a Syringe on Senecianus or Gregorovic to get a blood sample.
  • Mix the Infernal Ashes on the Vial of Vile Water for Experimental Potion #6.
  • Combine Experimental Potion #6 with the blood sample.
  • Get SIPD Cure.

Now that you have the cure, you can give it to Yk’Lagor. To prove the cure works, you use it on Gregorovic and Rowena. It works, and the demons turn back into their original forms. You give a copy of the potion to the Aughra, and they tell you that demons are leaving their planet to head to an unknown dimension. Then, they go. Erasinus is overjoyed to be himself again, though he is horrified at his actions as Gregorovic. You discuss the possibility that Sliske had transferred his essence to the both of them that created a resonance their followers will have felt.

Your companions go their separate ways. Naressa returns to Orthen, while Erasinus and Senecianus go to meet Veilinius since they can’t set foot in Falador in their actual forms.

Lumbridge, the Cult, and the Ultimatum

Talk to Saradomin in the White Knights’ Castle Throne Room. He’ll be addressing the needs of his mortal followers, accompanied by his daughter Adrasteia. She’s actively helping Saradomin keep his temper in check after what happened in Extinction.

Duke Horacio requests assistance in the cutscene, as Lumbridge suffered greatly after the Battle of Lumbridge. Shadow anima tainted the farmlands, and the duchy is in debt. Saradomin thinks for a while before conceding and apologizing for his involvement in the battle. He agrees to give Lumbridge a generous compensation of one million RS3 gold.

Afterward, you inform the ruler of your suspicions of the Zamorakian’s plot. The daughter informs you that the knights have witnessed red-robed cultists near the Infernal Source. Thinking it’s not a coincidence, Saradomin tells you to investigate and sends you to the Jolly Boar Inn.

The inn is northeast of Varrock. 

Talk to the White Knights inside. Use the lift (to the west of the room) to go to the Star Lodge Cellar. Speak to Blythe, worried she’s not ready to join the cult. She’ll test you by asking three questions:

  • What is Zamorak’s Prime Belief? (Growth through Chaos.)
  • Who was the original founder of the cult? (Philippa Wharton)
  • Who did the cult offer sacrifices to? (Dagon)

If you answered her questions correctly, she’d give you a three-piece cultist robe. Put it on and travel through the fireplace. Vala greets you at the other end. Go north and pickpocket Wilona until you get the Cast Iron Key.

Speak to Audrey, Wilona, Ridley, and Edda to move on with the quest. The final piece you need for your mission is from the prisoner Tyne. Find him in the cells. He needs a cultist outfit to escape. You can get one from the lodging room to the southeast. Use the key you pickpocketed to get inside and grab some robes. Give it to Tyne, who gives you the information you need as he escapes. Then, you can return to Falador.

Your return is greeted by an argument between Saradomin and Galandia, who Adrasteia invited to make amends with her father. The argument goes nowhere, but your voices speak of a way to reestablish the Edict of Guthix, to which Saradomin agrees. White Knights barge in to inform the people present of demons teleporting into Gielinor, causing havoc wherever they are.

Then a cutscene starts where Bilrach appears in the room and demands Saradomin’s surrender or death. Otherwise, his people will suffer. Zamorak regained his wings and obtained an “impregnable shield” to stop the Edicts from reestablishing.

When it ends, go to Adrasteia in the makeshift library on the upper floor of the castle. She informs you of the meeting between the Guardians of Guthix at the Tree of Balance and tells you to go there.

The Guardian’s Assembly and the Solution

When you get to the Tree of Balance, talk to it. The other Guardians will arrive and test your ability to carry the Edicts. Survive it, and they will tell you to go back and tell Saradomin what happened.

Now that you have a plan, you’re given an Energy Scanner to look for suitable places for the simulation of the Edicts. The scanner will direct you to the following locations:

  • The Hall of Memories which doesn’t have enough energy
  • The Gleaming Wisp colony (north of the Nature Altar) and a unique instance of the Guthixian Cache (too unstable)
  • The Lost Grove (the perfect place)

Inside the Grove, the Guardians will appear. Juna informs you of Ocellus’ contact, a Black Knight with the necessary materials for the ritual. Meet them at the Black Knight’s Base in the Taverly Dungeon to get the ritual items.

Go back to the Grove and talk to Juna again. She’ll explain how to do the ritual. Click on the supply crate to her north for some Stone Circle Building Kits. Place one kit in each circle, then go to the cart. Right-clicking the cart will pull up a menu. Select “Return,” which allows you to get the fourth building kit for the words you’ll spell for the ritual.

An energy wisp appears nearby, necessary for you to obtain Guthixian Energy for weaving runes. One rune requires two energy to be infused by the Offering Cradle.

You’ll have to do this process many times, all to spell the following words:

  • Gods, Halt, Ward
  • Aegis, Anima, Leave
  • Banish, Divine, Shield

If you’ve played Wordle, the ritual works much the same. The letters could be grey (not in the word), yellow (in the word but different place), or green (that letter in that position). The order is randomized, but these are always the three words the ritual will ask for.

Finishing the first set of words will have your character exclaiming at the power the ritual holds. Juna will tell you to add another rune for the next batch. After completing that, you realize that your inexperience will cause the banishment of all the gods or none of them. Juna then wants to test the power of the Grove and ask you to add another rune for the third set of words.

Completing the third set causes your power to surge uncontrollably. You can’t control the ritual like Guthix did, and you realize you’ll lose your blessings if you go through with it. Since the threat of Zamorak is more concerning than your lost powers, you agree to continue the ritual. Juna then advises you to go back to Saradomin to tell him the news.

The Assembly of Gods

Upon returning, you’ll see Adrasteia where Saradomin usually is. Talking to her causes Saradomin to appear, letting you tell him the simulation results. He’ll agree to it to protect his people from Zamorak, confident that someone will always rise up to fight against evil. He also invites you to the Empyrean Citadel to discuss with the other gods.

Adrasteia offers teleportation to the destination. The gods Saradomin, Armadyl, Azzandra, and Icthlarin assemble for the conference. They wonder why they were called for the meeting. After explaining your plan to banish Zamorak (with them included), they agree for their own reasons. Saradomin and Azzandra have similar ones, their grievances toward Zamorak. Armadyl thinks that the mortals should live their own lives, and he and his followers only cause destruction. Icthlarin isn’t as affected as he’s only a demi-god.

The ritual must be done at the Sword of Edicts in the Wilderness Volcano. The problem is it’s shielded by Zamorak and protected by his army. Saradomin promises to find a way to get you through and do what needs to be done. As they leave, Icthlarin asks you if you can do it, to which your character nervously replies.

The ‘quest complete’ screen will be blank at first, only showing an ellipsis. Click to read the last bit of dialogue between Light Voice and Shadow Voice. They finally reveal what they are and promise to not interrupt your fight with Zamorak. They then declare the quest complete.

Twilight of the Gods Rewards

The quest will give you the following upon completion:

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 30,000 Divination Experience Lamp
  • 30,000 Magic Experience Lamp
  • Ring of the Abyss
  • Order of Dis robes
  • 5 Chaos Die Reroll Token (and the chance for Elder God Wars Dungeon bosses to drop these tokens)
  • 10% reduced damage in the Zamorak: Lord of Chaos encounter
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys (not for Ironmen)

The Start of a Godless Era

With the plans to banish all gods set, Gielinor is starting an era of godlessness. They may have destructive tendencies, but are the people ready for them to be gone? We can only wait and see. The next quest in the series will likely be the last unless something goes wrong with the ritual.

That’s all for this quest. Have fun playing RuneScape 3, whether you’re farming RuneScape gold, questing, exploring, or hanging out with friends.

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