Wireless TVs, Mobile Phone Tuners and Other Connections Simplify Life

If you have one of the latest TVs from Samsung, you’ll want to make use of the S-operating Samsung One Connect box to help protect it. Most modern TVs come with an internal box that is used to keep all the electronics well organized. The S-Operating box also houses the TV’s power cable. The One Connect allows you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect your TV from its power source, as well as hide the power cord so it blends seamlessly into the furniture where it’s placed.

How to hide a Samsung One Connect Box around your television:

Hook Up Your TV to the S-Box Easily hide mount: If you have a plasma, LCD or other television with built-in AV connectors, you can easily hide it by using this easy-to-use, fully-functional hide mount. This easy-to-use, fully-functional hide mount allows you to hide the S-box connectors for maximum port visibility. The mount doubles as a convenient multi-port DVD/VCD player.

Switch From Flat Screens to Neo qled 8k TVs: Instead of having large rectangular bulky televisions. Consider flat screen TVs for optimum viewing comfort and functionality. With a fully-assembled, fully-functional hideaway Samsung one connect box around your TV. You can quickly and easily connect and disconnect the TV from its power outlet. Also, because the hideaway box connects to the back of your TV. You don’t need to deal with messy wiring connections behind the TV. For added convenience, there are cord adapters that allow you to use normal wires. And hideaway clips that easily connect your video cable to your TV. In addition to viewing comfort, you’ll appreciate the clarity and color control of your high definition television.

Connect Your Phone to Your TV:

Connect Your Phone to Your TV Connect your phone, digital camera, iPod and other portable devices to your Samsung One Connect box to take advantage of this versatile accessory. With one quick snap, you can connect your phone, send and receive messages, and answer calls. You’ll also love how easily you can slip the Samsung one connect box for in-wall storage installed on the back of your TV for quick access. By using the built-in clip, you can easily connect your device to the back of the TV for a hands-free experience. Simply pop open the clip, and the device will be securely held in place until you are ready to use it again.

Enjoy Free Wireless Internet Access With Free Mobile Internet Plans: Not only does the samsung one connect box for in-wall storage serve as a convenient home entertainment center, but it also provides mobile internet services as well. With optional mobile broadband wireless modem or smart phone modem, you can enjoy mobile web access no matter where you are. Simply slip the box into your TV’s DVD/CD storage and stream premium movies and shows via your smartphone, tablet computer or laptop. No cords are needed, and you can even stream live events from your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. No monthly bills are required!

Control Your TV viewing experience with Samsung One:

Connect Your Computer to Your TV With AV Connect Pro. This multi-functional accessory provides complete functionality of the Samsung one connect box. But also converts your laptop or PC into a full-fledged TV. Once connected, the AV connect to display screen will rotate. Flip up and even slide out to provide easy access to programs and shows. The connection is perfect for those who want to view their laptops or computers from. Any location, on any type of surface. Simply plug the AV connect techowiser to into an available electrical outlet. And you are ready to watch your favorite video clips on your television at any time. When not in use, the AV connect pro can fold up to a neat and compact size. Making it ideal for home, dorms, and office use.

Control Your TV viewing experience with Samsung One: Connected to your TV via HDMI inputs, this versatile accessory offers versatile connectivity options and functionality. Connect the remote control to your TV’s remote control, and instantly switch between your PC and television with the press of a button. Enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows while relaxing in your bed, or connect the Gear Live wirelessly to enjoy hands free use of the device while sleeping. Whether you use your Samsung One for work or pleasure, these gadgets simplify lifestyle management.

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