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Shirtless Profile Pics – Girls’ Opinion

Women prefer all manner of traits in a man, including loving guys in touch with their feminine side. While these personality traits attract all manner of women, one thing is clear regarding physical attraction. It is becoming increasingly clear that women prefer slightly pot-bellied men to gym freaks. These bodies exude something closer to a loving, caring, and selfless man, compared to a narcissist.

That being the case, posting shirtless pics on dating apps implies several things. Women tend to see dudes posting such pictures as somewhat immature. The overarching idea here is that you may have nothing to offer. It could also imply a guy with little time for anything else. Once you meet Russian women, it becomes clear that fit bodies are not that high on the attraction scale. There are more important things in life, and relationships, than keeping tight bodies and staying lean.

Here are a few tips on what women think of men who post shirtless pics as profile photos.

1. Shallow

Men who post shirtless pics are deemed as shallow. Essentially, women believe that such guys are only interested in one thing- in this case sex. Also, these men have shallow interests or mindsets, making them quite boring during conversations. While the reality on the ground might be different, these perceptions are from the women’s perspectives.

2. Timewasters

A guy who posts shirtless pics is less likely to do so with a dad bod. Alternatively, they will post a ripped body to showcase their physical attributes. These attributes are achieved through hours at the gym. What this implies is that he spends countless hours at the gym. As a lady, this is a timewaster and someone you wouldn’t make any progress within a relationship. The hours spent at the gym might equal a full day’s work. The rest of the time will be snooker and beer time.

3. Immaturity

If a guy cannot come up with something interesting for their profile details, they will pick a shirtless photo. This stands true 90% of the time. The truth is that men with substance will post a suit and write a detailed enough profile to have her guessing. This mystery approach to creating a profile is what keeps women flooding the inbox of the serious-looking guy on the profile pic. Shirtless jocks remain the preserve on horny nights when ladies need some arm candy or a hookup to call it a night.

4. Self-awareness

A lack of self-awareness means a man doesn’t know his self-worth. In connection with point 3 above, posting a shirtless pic implies a lack of confidence. Also, someone who is not self-aware can be swayed in any direction. In this case, the shirtless pic means they are hoping to attract anyone, long as they think he is cute. It is a desperate attempt to gain any form of attention, and using physical attraction seems easier.

Bottom Line

Men with low self-esteem and narcissistic tendencies use their bodies to achieve status, or grab attention. It is similar to ladies who display too much skin with no substance. Whatever your reason for posting shirtless pics, ladies perceive it as desperation and shallow. If these are the demands or desires of man, it works well conclusively. However, if you as a guy are hoping to be perceived as a serious individual, a polo shirt works better. 

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