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Sign Which Tells He Is Obsessed For You

Nowadays obsession is a common thing, but you or I need to understand that it is not a good thing. Whether if a person is obsessed with you, then as soon as possible, you have to leave that person. No matter that person how much tell you about, the love that he does with you. Because when the obsession of that person, completely changes into madness no one can tell you. If a person said to you, that he loves you very much and he never goes to cross his line. Then you don’t need to believe that person, because what he is saying he doesn’t know. Even if you are in a relationship with that type of person, then it is like your life is not yours. But he is the one, who is controlling your life. From morning to night, whether your wearing to eat all the things. You can understand this in this manner, that for making him to yourself you have to give your life control to in his hand. This is not a good sign, but what is the sign which tells you that the person is obsessed or not. There is some sign, which tells you that whether the person is obsessed or not. 

Don’t give you privacy 

If you are in a relationship with that person, who is very obsessed with you. Then the first thing that the personal attack of. Maybe that person wants to control your privacy. Whether that person wants to try, to control your privacy. That person, check all the drawers of your room. Your handbag, which you carry with you most. In today’s life, we are most attach or time spend that person also check that thing of yours. Even, what rakhi gift did you select for giving your sibling.  I mean to say your phone, that person checks your phone as well. Just to know about with whom you talk, message and many more things. It is like what you order or what you buy, whether for what time you are awake. This type of thing, which is privacy for the person. So this sign of that person tells that the person is very obsessed with you. 

They are insecure 

If you are talking with your friend or stranger, whether at that time your person come. Maybe that person tries to drag you with him or wanted that you to not talk with that person. With whom look you talking, that makes the person feels very insecure. With this insecurity comes most of the time, when you are talking with someone. With a smile on your face, or whether holding the hand of that person. Whether that time the look, or the person you get to know about. Whom you love that tell you how obsessed with you. Then that means that the person is obsessed with you. 

Try to overwhelm you 

There are many things, which you get different in an obsessed person compare to a normal person. The normal person does not call you as much as the obsessed person does to you. The person gives many gifts or sends an email to you, which makes you feel very bad. Maybe that person sends gifts online to you. If a normal person has to give you a gift, then that person gives you on your birthday or any other day. This type of overwhelming thing, you only get from the obsessed person. So this is also a sign that the person is obsessed with you. 

Maintain you 

He or she tries to do that you do not move on from him. He or she tries all that thing or way so that you can live with him. Like the emotional message or video to you. So that you can change your mind or whether nit lives him. Well all this thing, which can maintain you with him. Whether the person has to injured himself or have to give you pain. Whether if that type of thing the person does, then it means that person is obsessed with you. 

So the sign of obsessed of the person, you get to see very early on a person. Maybe the obsession in lo the person you get to see, or after sometimes you spend with the person. But what is important and good for you, whenever you see the obsession. You try to escape from that relationship and enjoy your life happily.

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