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The basic function of a coil in a dab pen

A coil is somehow like the heart of the dab pen. It is responsible for heating and vaporizing dabs that you load onto the heating chamber of a dab pen. Despite being very significant, a coil in a dab pen has a very simple structure.

Types of coils in a dab pen

The three main types of coils that you can find in any dab pen are:

  1. Ceramic coils
  2. Quartz coils
  3. Titanium coils

Each type of coil has multiple benefits and drawbacks as well. None is superior to the other. Your ideal choice on any of these coils will depend on the type of experience you want from the dab pen.

  1. Ceramic coils

Dab pen coils made of ceramic are porous meaning that air can easily pass through them to help create smooth draws. Furthermore, this type of coil is known for having excellent heat retention, which reduces wear out in the dab pen’s battery. Many people who have used dab pens with ceramic coils can attest that they bring out the most flavor from your dabs. Nonetheless, ceramic coils take longer, than other types of coils, to heat up to the ideal temperature of a dab pen.

  1. Quartz coils

Dab pens with quartz coils heat up very fast offering you the first hit almost as soon as you activate the battery. Furthermore, quartz coils are very efficient in terms of vaporizing every little of your dabs, but they lose heat faster than other types of coils for dab pens

  1. Titanium coils

Titanium coils heat up very fast and also retain the heat excellently. They create clean and tasty vapor. However, they are rarely used when compared to ceramic and quartz coils because there is a lot of discussion on the safety degree of titanium coils.  Titanium is neither classified as medical-grade material nor a food-grade material. Depending on the brand, titanium coils can release toxins when heated. Also, some titanium coils build up oxides on their surface after prolonged usage which affects their overall performance with time.

Sub-ohm coils vs plus-ohm coils for dab pens

Coils in dab pens are also classified as either sub-ohm or plus-ohm.  Sub-ohm coils have lower resistance meaning that they create warmer vapor, dryer draws, and bigger clouds. However, sub-ohm coils vaporize much of the dabs faster and you may be forced to vape at a higher wattage that drains the battery more quickly. 

On the other hand, plus ohm coils have higher resistance. As a result, they create cooler vape and less vapor with steady battery usage. 

What is the life of a coil in a dab pen?

Usually, coils in dab pens can stop working after a certain period of usage. Consequently, one of the common practices done before using the best dab pen is checking whether its coil is working. This practice ensures you do not waste any of the dabs by packing them onto a dead coil. The longevity of a coil in a dab pen depends on the type of user.

  1. Heavy users- (If you use your dab pen heavily each day, its coil is likely to last for a couple of weeks. It is recommended that a very heavy dab pen user should replace the coil after every week as the flavor of the dabs, amount of clouds produced, and functionality of the dab pens will be compromised).
  2. Moderate users – (using a dab rig a couple of times a day can make the coil last for up to a month. It is recommended that moderate dab pen users should change the coil after a fortnight).
  3. Light vapers – (if you use your dab pen more infrequently, its coils can last for a couple of months. However, to ensure you get the best results from your dab pen, you should replace the coil after every month).

How do you know when to replace the coil in a dab pen?

One of the first signs that you should replace the coil in your CBD oil vape pens is when you constantly inhale burnt, or diminished vapor. Secondly, you should replace your coil if you do feel any heat coming off it. However, you should be careful not to touch a hot coil when examining whether it is working properly. 


You should learn to take good care of the coil in your dab pen to get the most life out of it. For example, you should avoid overpacking the heating chamber with dabs. Also, you should not touch the coil with the dabber/ dab tool when loading your concentrate.

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