The EIC of LinkedIn, Dan Roth, and Sara Fischer/Axios have started a global team to manage creators

LinkedIn has announced that it is putting together a global creator management team, which will be led by its EIC, Dan Roth, and Sara Fischer/Axios. This is a big step to get more people to create content for LinkedIn.

The team’s job is to help and support content creators on the platform. This is seen as a way for the professional networking site to take advantage of the growing potential of content creation as a lucrative source of income.

Dan Roth is a force in making content

Dan Roth has been making content for a long time. Since he was EIC at both Fortune Magazine and LinkedIn, he brings decades of experience and knowledge to the job of managing the growing community of content creators inside LinkedIn’s walls.

With him in charge, content creators on LinkedIn can expect to get more help from their main platform for making money off of their work.

Sara Fischer/Axios Makes It Happen

Sara Fischer, a media reporter for Axios who has been writing about how digital platforms like LinkedIn have grown and changed over the past ten years, is also working on the new project.

She will work with Roth and use her knowledge of how to create an environment that helps content creators grow on LinkedIn’s platform to share her ideas.

This move shows how seriously LinkedIn is taking this project: by putting an industry veteran like Fischer in charge of it, they are sending a message that this isn’t just a passing fad, but something they want to be a long-term success.

What does this mean for the people who make content?

The creation of this global creator management team is a big change for people who want to make money from their work on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites.

By strengthening partnerships between developers, publishers, and other stakeholders, it could become easier for these digital entrepreneurs to make money from their work without having to worry about complicated licencing agreements or long negotiations with third-party vendors.

Also, if they had better access to resources like analytics tools, they might be able to better measure their return on investment (ROI) when making content for specific markets or audiences. This is something that many independent content creators still have a hard time doing because of the cost of subscription models or because they don’t know what works best when targeting different demographics.


Overall, there are many reasons to be optimistic about this move by Dan Roth and Sara Fischer/Axios, which is now backed by one of the largest professional networks online. It looks like it will unlock the untapped potential of creator communities everywhere and bring opportunities closer than ever before through platforms like LinkedIn’s own internal ecosystem.

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