TeamTrump’s Twitter: The Full Story Potusmorsemashable

TeamTrump vs. PotusMorseMashable on Twitter: Weird things are happening with this guy, what gives? What we do know is that he makes near-constant tweets to an audience of several thousand people whose motivations for following him remain mainly mysterious. Some commentators have hypothesised that President Trump’s penchant for Twitter is a diversion from the embarrassing investigation into his associates’ closer relationship with the Russian government than they should have had. Others argue that this is simply how he has always operated, even before becoming President of the United States, in his role as a reality TV star. It’s safe to assume that we’ll never learn his motivation for tweeting at all hours of the night, but one thing is certain: he likes to post frequently.

The Internet absolutely adores him

Recent Arbitron ratings indicate that 96% of people follow Trump on social media. That’s quite a feat for a person who has never before used Twitter to any significant extent outside of this election. He joined Twitter in 2007, and he hasn’t stopped tweeting since. He currently has 1,817 tweets under his belt. It appears that Trump has an army of supporters who are willing to convey his message everywhere he goes. Some of these people are even willing to practically follow him across the world. A little more than half of Trump’s overall population of 11.8 million are followers across six distinct social networks, as recorded by social media analytics site SocialBakers. It’s safe to say that Trump is well on his way to joining that select group of people who tweet more frequently than anyone else in the world.

He’s Quite Tall, for One Thing

Some of Trump’s supporters are not merely online but also physically distant. There are over 2.4 million daily visitors to his Facebook page, and he has 17 million subscribers on YouTube. Countless internationally famous people like his Instagram, including Hulk Hogan and Rosie O’Donnell, who each have millions of fans around the world. Trump has over 6 million Instagram followers and over 1.4 million Reddit subscribers; they are just some of the many people that are connected to him through Twitter.

He Got Involved in a Twitter Battle

This isn’t a war of persuasion in which you try to change someone’s mind; rather, it’s a conflict in which you physically confront that person. In 2013, Trump and Bette Midler had a Twitter spat about Sarah Palin’s presidential campaign. Vice reports that Midler called Palin a “worthy successor” to President Barack Obama and disagreed with those who praised her as a possible Secretary of Defense. Midler reportedly called Palin “a joke.” Trump responded to Midler by elaborating on the many reasons he backed Obama for president.

An argument against believing him is that he is a fool

If you’re going to be on Twitter, you might as well be a little satirical and have a good time, even if no one knows if Trump is serious about what he says. Trump’s tweet was probably simply a joke, but we can’t help but think it contains some of his genuine thoughts on climate change.

He Is a True Troll

The Huffington Post claims that Trump’s trolling behaviour is consistent with his entire career. Trump has gone on record as saying that he had phoney fans made to help him win the 2016 election. It’s possible he was joking, but it’s equally possible he wasn’t. In all honesty, it’s hardly the most ludicrous thing we’ve heard during this election cycle, and it could be how much of his social media following was established.

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