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If you are looking for a gourmet burger joint with creative, delicious, healthy ingredients, then you’ve come to the right place. Located in North Palm Beach, just minutes from Los Angeles, BurgerFi, also known as Burger Kitchen, is quickly becoming one of the best restaurants in the Palm Beach area. Considered as a premium fine dining restaurant, BurgerFi includes only the best beef, farm-raised vegetables, and specialty recipes. The menu boasts numerous vegan selections and most items are prepared using environmentally friendly cooking methods.

Located in North Palm Beach just minutes from Los Angeles, BurgerFi, also known as Burger Kitchen, takes pride in it’s fresh, natural ingredients and a focus on high quality, American taste. BurgerFi utilizes only real, natural Angus beef from cattle farms in America, without hormones, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or synthetic chemicals. In addition, all food is prepared using natural herbicides, spices, and flavorings. Due to these practices, BurgerFi restaurants are certified USDA organic, providing customers with the assurance that foods are not contaminated with dangerous chemicals or pesticides.

The award-winning menu of BurgerFi gives patrons the opportunity to indulge in some of the world’s greatest cuisine with a wide variety of vegetarian creations. BurgerFi offers a large variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, tacos, and special recipes for those who are health conscious. The Vegetarian menu features creations such as the Veggie Meal Melt, which is made of chickpea, mushroom, walnut, nutritional yeast, and nutritional balsamic dressing. The Veggie Meal is served on a wheat roll and is accompanied by a tossed salad, freshly chopped vegetables and a nutritional side dish of fresh strawberries and blueberries. Other side dishes include roasted red pepper, peach and garlic salad, cole slaw, a potato and tomato salad, Caesar salad and a roasted vegetable and mushroom mash.

BurgerFi offers a large selection of wine and spirits along with several beers on tap and many appetizers, sandwiches and desserts on the menu. The restaurant strives to offer guests an extensive selection of gluten-free dishes and a vegan menu that cater to vegetarians and flexvets. The restaurant is proud to have become one of the leading vegetarian restaurants in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas.

BurgerFi offers a wide range of entrees and some fun fare such as the grilled shrimp and maple-glazed turkey burger, the nachos and bean burgers, and their trademark Thai chickpea sandwich. Many of the entrees are served on an assortment of different buns including wheat, white and wheat bread. The restaurant also serves a variety of Mediterranean deli sandwiches. The deli offers customers a choice of deli meats and cheeses, Italian pastas, and salads and wraps. The vegetarian options include their famous bean burgers, the vegetarian meatball pattie, and the vegetarian stuffed sandwich.

BurgerFi has four unique kitchens which provide all of the cooking services needed for your special burger creations. The kitchen offers a deli counter, a grill, and three refrigerated cold racks. The grill option allows you to cook all of your Hamburgers, hot dogs, and salsas right off of the grill. The other two refrigerator options allow you to store your frozen items or heat them up for later use. All of the food is prepared by the Brand that is famous for its creative and delicious food creations.

The food choices at BurgerFi meet dietary requirements and can be used for individuals with diabetes. The restaurant serves a wide variety of healthy entrees on their menu such as wraps and salads. Many of the entrees are prepared by the renowned Brand who have utilized local ingredients to create a variety of tasty healthy meals. There are also many different vegetarian offerings on the BurgerFi menu which includes stuffed burger patties and easy-to-prepare wraps. vegetarians will be happy to know that the restaurant serves a large amount of pasta on their menu.

Many individuals will be skeptical of a restaurant offering healthy food options. If an individual knows that they already enjoy eating healthy foods then it will be easier to accept the healthy meals at BurgerFi. BurgerFi is committed to providing healthy food and a selection of healthy entrees. This makes it easy for anyone to enjoy a tasty burger or fries at their favorite restaurant. Individuals who are looking to start a diet with a fast and effective meal plan should consider this popular burger and fries restaurant.

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