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The winning product search tools Dropispy and Minea

E-commerce and especially dropshipping are in full development. A few years ago, competition on the Internet was not so tough and everyone was able to sell easily. 

Today, thousands of shops are created every day. Indeed, if you don’t change your methods and strategies, you won’t be able to make sales like before. 

And whoever talks about sales strategy talks foremost about product research, because if you offer a bad product on the market, there is no chance you will sell it, even if you have the best marketing arguments. 

That’s why product research is just as important. In this article, we will introduce you to the two best winning product search tools: Dropispy and Minea. 


Dropispy allows you to spy on social networks ads to find top products for your dropshipping store or eCommerce shop. Dropispy will allow you to spy on other online stores and uncover new strategies.

By adapting your marketing strategy and following their lead, you can beat your competition. Dropshippers can use Dropispy to monitor Facebook ads.

This tool makes it possible to change your tactics and determine the strategies of your competitors. 

This tool will save you enough time because you won’t have to spend time manually searching the news feeds of social networks. So you can find your winning product very quickly with Dropispy. The tool also has some filters that allow you to optimize your search and be as precise as possible. 

It is the ideal tool if you are a beginner and just starting out in dropshipping. 


Like Dropispy, Minea is also a very powerful search tool that gives dropshippers enough options. The difference between the two tools is that Minea is much more comprehensive, as it spies on advertisements on all social networks. 

This is not the case with Dropispy which only spies on Facebook ads. So you have more product possibilities with Minea

*This tool can be used to spy on products of your rivals and extract useful information.

Information you collect can help you decide what products are best to sell in a store. Minea’s Chrome Extension is another benefit for dropshippers. Chrome extension can also be used on mobile devices to access Minea.

Why should you choose minea?

·      Influence Marketing Feature

Here we will talk about the main features that differentiate the two tools. 

As you know, influencer marketing is now almost indispensable for the rapid development of e-commerce. 

And whoever talks about influencer marketing is mainly talking about influencers. Indeed, if you want to do influencer marketing in your business, Minea is definitely the tool you should use. 

This tool lets you search for thousands of social-media product placements. The product placement analysis is a great way to find out about products that aren’t featured in Facebook ads.

It allows users to see the popularity of brands. This feature can help you choose the right products for your store.

The site also allows you to discover influencers in different countries around the world. Minea claims to be able to find 12,000 influencers through its database. Minea predicts this will increase dramatically over the next week.

·      More Details

One of the best features of Minea is the advanced search. This feature allows you to display ads that match your interests and niche. It is important to have enough information before you start dropshipping. 

It can be difficult to find your way through Minea’s large database. We are talking about millions of ads. 

And so with the advanced search, you can apply filters to quickly find products that meet the criteria you set yourself. 

This will make it easier for you to find the right information. Minea’s advanced search functionality is far superior to Adspy’s tools.

Dropispy is the Best Option

Below are some of the reasons Dropispy could be your choice over Minea.

·      Large Database & Design for User-Friendliness

Dropispy allows you to monitor thousands of social media ads and has extensive databases. Dropispy updates thousands of ads daily, so it is easy to discover the most fashionable products for any business.

Dropispy lets you filter results to make it easier. Dropispy also offers powerful search functions.

It allows you to search for keywords, dates, platforms, and other relevant terms in the search bar. This makes finding relevant products simple. Dropispy is constantly updating you with new features. Their daily updates make it easy for you to stay updated with the most recent trends.

Dropispy will likely introduce some new features in future updates. Dropispy aims to provide fast and reliable service to all its users. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple to navigate.

·      Affordable price.

The Dropispy tool is very affordable to others in terms of price. For less than $30 per month, you can have access to all the features of the tool. 

However, you have to pay around $50 per month to have access to Minea. So, I recommend Dropispy because the tool allows you to save money and still have the same features. 

I remind you that Dropispy even has a feature that Minea does not have. It is the shop analysis feature. 

This feature allows you to spy on your competitors and learn about their marketing strategies. This way you can keep an eye on what others are doing and what works for them so you can replicate it in your business. 


Both Dropispy (and Minea) have their pros and cons. Dropispy, Minea are great for increasing sales and growing your company.

Finding the right option for you requires you to define your goals. Dropispy will help you find out more information about social media ads, popular items, and online stores.

Minea is also a good choice for advertising, if you are looking for the best product for your business on more than one social network platform.

Minea lets you search for products that are popular across different social media platforms. Dropispy, on the other side, looks only at Facebook ads.

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