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There are five benefits to a double shower.

Want that sensation of luxury to last long after you’ve left the hotel or spa? Double shower heads or twin shower head are useful since more and more people want to have an improved showering experience at home.Systems with dual shower heads combine a fixed and a handheld shower head into a single piece. By switching between the fixed head and the hand-held head, you can tailor your showering experience to suit your mood thanks to the two-in-one design. You may also turn on both showers simultaneously with our smart shower range.

Here are five arguments in favour of installing a dual shower in your house..

1.     A spa-like setting

Having a spa-like experience in your own house is without a doubt one of the major advantages of a double shower. The hand-held head produces a strong and energising spray that can be directed to massage certain sections of your body, while the fixed head offers a soothing and soaking full body spray. Consider pairing your dual shower with a walk-in shower enclosure for the most spa-like experience. What more could one ask for?

  • Beautiful designsThere

are lovely designs to fit your taste whether you’re planning a classic or modern bathroom. Try the Mira Realm with Diverter ERD for a traditional Victorian design that includes a real ceramic temperature marker, or explore the styles in the Mira Dual Electric Showers range for sleek, modern alternatives. 

3.     More adaptability

You have more versatility while taking a shower since there are two shower heads with various functions, allowing you to customise the bathing experience to meet your needs. The hand-held shower head is a practical alternative if you don’t want to get your hair wet since each shower head’s spray settings may be adjusted individually to offer you a distinct style of spray. 

4.     Additional practicality

A twin shower head offers additional utility when it comes to cleaning your shower, despite not being the most glitzy advantage. With two heads, you may use one to clean the other while using the hand-held head to quickly and easily clean your bath or shower enclosure.

5.     Choosing options within your means

There are double showers to suit any budget, so enjoying all these advantages doesn’t have to be expensive. Our mixer twin showers, which start at at £264, are the ideal combination of fashion and function with to their modern chrome finish. With multiple heads and the comfort and flexibility of an electric shower, our electric dual showers start at only £289. Our digital dual showers provide supreme design and cutting-edge smart technology for the utmost in luxurious showering, including the option to regulate the shower, its temperature, and its length via an app on your phone.

Explore our whole selection of double showers, regardless of your budget, and get ready to give your bathroom a touch of luxury, elegance, flexibility, and usefulness. The dual shower option from Mira is offered for electric, mixer, and digital showers. Have you found the ideal dual shower? With our supply & fit service, your shower installation will be hassle-free.

A Shower That’s More

You have a lot of possibilities when using a hand shower head and a fixed shower head together. You may quickly switch from an overhead, calming full-body spray to a hand-held, therapeutic massage or energising power spray.You may enjoy all of the health and wellness advantages that clinical research has demonstrated PowerPulse with its therapeutic strength massage gives, including relief from muscular strain, joint ache, stress, and more, if your shower head has this feature.Regardless of the flow rate, if your shower head has PowerSpray+, you will always have a powerful and energising shower (GPM).

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