Top 5 Click Fraud Prevention Tools in 2022

Fraudsters, hackers, and other shady actors pose serious security risks to business owners all over the world.

Ransomware and bank hacking are two common methods used by cybercriminals to make money through compromising private information about consumers. Small enterprises are frequently the target of less significant harmful attacks.

Click fraud is one example of this. Despite the fact that this isn’t a danger to public safety, small businesses have been plagued by it and their advertising budgets have been drained, resulting in lower earnings.

One of two ways to commit click fraud: by the use of an automated script or a human recruited by an evil organization to pose as another user. Ads known as PPC (Pay Per Click) are at the heart of the problem.

They purposefully click PPC adverts without intending to purchase the promoted items, forcing businesses to pay marketers more than they need to. However, there are a variety of click fraud software options available to safeguard firms from these bogus PPC clicks. Here are the top five finest click fraud software solutions on which you may rely:

#1: ClickReport

ClickReport is a cutting-edge click fraud detection solution that helps you optimize your PPC ad budget and gain insight into visitor traffic. With its help, you can monitor your ads and landing pages for click fraud. Better still, ClickReport puts a cookie with a unique visitor ID on the computer of each visitor. Because the cookie records all activity from the visitor and disregards the IP address, the service will still detect fraudulent clicks even if the abuser changes IP addresses.

In addition to that, ClickReport will warn you of fraudulent IP addresses and help you configure pop-up warnings to notify abusers that they’ve been caught red-handed and will be blocked.

#2: ClixTell

ClixTell is a click fraud monitor that may show the entire marketing picture for digital marketing firms and other businesses. It also helps in tracking calls and conversions for your company.

On the other side, it may assist you to raise your sales, profit, and ROI while also protecting and optimizing your campaigns. The best part is that it allows prospective customers to check out its service for free.

WordPress, Google Sites, Weebly, Shopify, PageWiz, Yola, Squarespace, Wix.Com, Webs, and Joomla are all using this right now. When it comes to security, Trustpilot, a well-known customer review website, has already given ClixTell click fraud detection a 5-star rating.

#3: ClickGuard

ClickGuard, an online application that will save you money on PPC advertisements, is another click fraud program you should test. PPC advertising is now expected to squander $1 out of every $3 spent.

Many firms also discover that 95 percent of bought clicks are not converted into purchases. However, by using ClickGuard, these bothersome revenue-draining ad clicks may be avoided.

ClickGuard is intended for Google Ads PPC marketers and client managers that want to increase their PPC ROI. This is accomplished by deleting fraudulent, illegitimate, and money-wasting clicks from ads using click fraud software.

With ClickGuard’s sophisticated capabilities, you can instantly detect and respond to fraudulent activity on PPC advertisements, helping you to avoid wasting advertising budget.

ClickGuard is a software solution that has been verified by Google. This implies it can employ MCC or Google OAuth-approved secure application access to safeguard your account even further.

#4: PPC Protect

PPC Protect is a web solution that eliminates, prevents, and recognizes click fraud and invalid traffic across multiple firms’ PPC adverts.

It is currently trusted by major corporations such as McDonald’s, Nike, Hugo Boss, Norwegian Airlines, Europcar, and others. It enables you to use modern cybersecurity concepts and data analytics to identify and reject fake and invalid click sources from your PPC ads.

PPC Protect provides a 14-day free trial to new customers without requiring a bank card.

PPC Secure’s present goal is to let businesses monitor how much money they are spending on advertisements and to provide them with a solution that can protect their data from harmful activity.

You can absolutely rely on PPC Protect for dependable click fraud protection since its staff is made up of marketing experts and technicians who are devoted to giving advertisers an accurate view of what they’re paying for.

#5: Fraud Blocker

Fraud Blocker is now one of the most popular click fraud prevention software packages for marketers. It is capable of detecting false ad clicks made by bots or internet crooks. Furthermore, it automatically eliminates harmful traffic sources that are detrimental to your organization or business. These are achievable thanks to the employment of optimization algorithms to detect harmful behavior.

Fraud Blocker was created entirely in the United States by a team of former marketing professionals and other specialists. The top industry firm has been in operation since 2019, assisting numerous clients in the United States in saving their ad spending from click fraudsters.

To demonstrate how effective Fraud Blocker’s click fraud software is, the business offers a free 30-day trial that requires no commitment or credit card. Because of this initiative, more businesses will be able to test the sophisticated anti-click technology for free without fear of unexpected costs.

Small businesses could be negatively impacted by fake click ads and other criminal online actions, especially since most enterprises rely on the internet to stay above water and continue to profit. Using one of the above-mentioned click software applications, however, can help you avoid income losses.

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