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Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming apps with thousands of millions of users. Spotify provides its services in America and Europe and some parts of Asia and Africa. According to figures from 2015, the app has reached 60-million users of which 15 million are premium users, now that’s a significant number. Spotify premium apk was first introduced by Daniel Ek in 2006. 

Why upgrade to Premium?

Free Spotify apk contains basic features and a lot of advertisements. While premium apk contains a block advertisement feature. The main difference lies in the quality and quantity of features. Premium users can limit their streaming time whenever they want, according to their mood. Download high-quality songs and save them in a personal playlist, and as we said no advertisement during use. 

Unlimited Skippable songs 

It also allows you to skip songs unlimited time, unlike the free version, which allows you to skip songs only a few times. Premium apk provides different streaming qualities: low, high, normal, and extreme. Free users can’t access the extreme service. 

One of the best premium features is that you do not need to wait to listen to the latest song releases, you can listen to them as they release and add them to your music library. 

Unlimited downloads

It allows users to download podcasts, whole albums to keep themselves entertained while they are offline, or the internet is unavailable. Travel anywhere without the internet, yet still, have access to a large music collection. They can combine different songs of the same artist or different and gather them in one playlist, breaking up the boring shuffling process. You can use these features only if you pay premium charges per month. You just need to spend 10-dollar per month. 

You can cancel and register for premium Spotify anytime, without any restriction. Spotify family and personal packages are expensive, but their features are impressive and attractive. 

Unlimited Spotify Connects

Spotify Connect allows users to connect to a variety of devices with a single account and enjoy as much music as they like. In some countries, Spotify mod apk provides a free 1-month trial to its fans, which allows them to take advantage of the amazing premium features. For students, they provide the premium package with a 50 percent discount. Thanks to the cross-platform interface, Spotify has been able to reach a large number of people, which is also accessible with Spotify Connect. 

Equalization Feature 

The equalization feature in Spotify premium apk is rather interesting. It helps the users in selecting the ideal sound. It is used to tweak the high notes and bass level in podcasts or music. However, on other devices, the Spotify connect option would not allow this. On iOS, open settings and click playback and open equalizer and for Android, open settings, click music quality, and then on the equalizer. 

Recent song history and Library feature

You can see the recent song lists. You can skip songs for an unlimited time. You can search everything like songs, podcasts, albums, playlists, favorite artists, etc. 

Spotify premium library features allow their users to save unlimited songs, playlists, albums, artists, etc. Just click on the heart shape. Spotify allows its users to shuffle any playlist, artist and combine them. It helps them to play songs according to their mood. But in premium apk, they can listen without using the shuffling option. 

Share Spotify profile easily

Spotify premium users can share albums, playlists, songs with their family or friends. They can also share their Spotify profile to any social media platform.


Spotify premium apk is very demanding due to its fascinating features. Spotify provides its users strict security by not sharing their data, streaming videos, or any other thing. It is very catchy and simple to use. You can enjoy high-quality streaming, ad-free music, playing tracks without shuffling for 10 dollars only. Not a big amount for the services they provide.

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