What are the Steps to Setup Canon G4010 Printer

Canon is a multinational industry known for manufacturing imaging gadgets and hardware items. The Canon G4010 is a new inkjet printer model. This device is good for home use or small business. The Canon G4010 Printer is not suitable for heavy printing. It is a one-in-all type printer where you can use it for multiple purposes. 

Canon G4010 Printer Unboxing

  1. Open the box and check for the printer
  2. Place the G4010 printer on a clean surface
  3. Take out the cables and cartridge
  4. Now check the box for printer manual and driver CD

Check the printer by using the electricity cable. If the power lamp is glowing; you can move to set up the printer on your device.

Setting up Canon G4010 Printer using a USB Cable

When a user wants to use his Canon printer on a single device; setting the printer with a cable is the easiest way. When you connect the printer with a cable; it works efficiently. The user doesn’t require an internet connection and prints reliably. 

  1. Connect the printer to the USB cable
  2. Hit the power button 
  3. Connect another USB end with PC
  4. Open the settings page and tap on Devices
  5. Go to Printers & Scanners
  6. Select Add a Printer option 
  7. Users will see the available devices
  8. Tap on Canon G4010 and hit the Add Device button
  9. User Account Control wizard will appear
  10. Tap on the Yes button and follow the instruction 

Now the Canon G4010 printer is connected to the PC. But the printer will not work until you install the printer driver.

Installing Canon G4010 Printer Driver on your System

For communicating with your PC; your printer requires the driver. When a user installs the driver on the system; it transfers the commands. This driver is more like a communication channel. After sending a print job; the driver carries it to the printer. If your computer doesn’t have a driver; the printer will not take the commands. CD installing is very simple as you have to copy the setup and install it on your device. If the user can’t use the CD; get the setup from the web. You will find the driver on Canon’s website. After installing the driver; your printer will start working. Open a document on PC and try to take its printout.

How to Reset Canon G2570s Printer

When the printer is showing an error due to the wrong configuration; try resetting it. Canon Printer Reset will set it to the default settings.

  1. Check the Canon printer Setup icon
  2. Go to the Device settings
  3. Click on Reset Settings

Choose Reset All and tap on the Yes button. Your Canon printer will be reset to factory settings and now you can reconfigure the printer to the PC.

Canon G4010 Printer Network Settings

This printer can also connect with your home network. When a user has a personal home network; he can connect his Canon printer to it. After the connection, the user won’t have to set up the printer to PC separately. You can connect both devices on the same network and take printouts. For easy connection; check for the WPS method. When you have the pin on the router then the setup can be done easily. After checking the WPS pin on the router; check its security. It should be WPA protected. 

  1. Go to the Canon G4010 printer and tap on the Wi-Fi button
  2. When the Wi-Fi lamp starts blinking release the button
  3. Go the router and press the pin

Wait until the Wi-Fi lamp stops flashing. Go to your Canon printer and press and hold the cancel button. When the lamp flashes 15 times; release it and the printer will print the information page about the network. Check the details like connection and SSID for confirmation. When all the details are correct, the user should check the PC for the driver. You have to install the driver on all devices which you want to configure with the Canon printer. Afterwards, you can open the document on your PC and check for the printer. Choose your Canon G4010 printer and take your printouts. 

When a user doesn’t have the network or cable for connection; go for the Wi-Fi direct. You can directly connect the Canon device to your phone or PC which has the Wi-Fi feature. The user has to install the Canon software and configure the printer.

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