What is XResolver?

Xbox resolver or XResolver is also known as PlayStation resolver. XResolver is an official online site, specially designed to resolve usernames, domain names, and gamer tags into IPs format that endangers the safety of the gamer. It logs the Gamertags and IP addresses of gamers on Xbox online. An IP address can be traced easily by special tools as they aren’t private, however, you can hide it by blacklisting and other means.

XResolver consists of an Xbox resolver that scraps data, including an Xbox player’s IP address and username. Xresolver does the same job for gamers who use Sony’s PlayStation.

How to use the Xresolver?

XResolver consists of an easy manual, and it is easy to operate. If you are having some trouble, you can solve them by following a simple procedure.

  • Open a website “https:”
  • Tap on Xbox Resolver or PS4 XResolver.
  • Type your “Xbox gamer tag” to convert it into an IP address.
  • Or insert your “IP address” to change it into the Xbox gamer tag.
  • Then, click on “Resolve.”

PS4 XResolver uses the same method for resolving the PlayStation gamer tag to IP addresses and vice versa.


XResolver blacklist link protects Gamertag and username from being resolved. When a user blacklists himself from the resolve, gamer tags and IP addresses will remove from the database, and IP addresses can’t be traced.

The method protects attacks on Microsoft and Sony’s services from hackers. Few steps are followed while blacklisting an IP address.

  • Go to the Xresolver web page, then enter your Gamertag in the device.
  • The Gamertag will provide an IP address.
  • Copy the IP address and visit OctoSniff.
  • You can blacklist yourself only if you purchase 500 points.
  • After purchase, a key will appear on the message box.
  • Copy the XResolver Blacklist IP link.
  • Hit on redeem the license and add the key to the point section.
  • Claim the points.
  • Search miscellaneous and scroll down to find the blacklist option.
  • Enter your IP address in the section and select blacklist username.
  • Go back to the site, enter your username, and show the authentication of the backlisted IP.

By this, you can protect your IP address through the Xresolver Blacklist link.

Best XResolver Alternatives

XResolver can affect your identity online. There are a few alternatives that will give you safe and tension-free gaming and protect you from hackers. Some of the alternatives are as follows.

  • Console sniffer

Console sniffer is a monitoring tool that works as an IP puller without jailbreak. It is effective on multiplayer games and windows. It is compatible with VPNs and finds the player’s IP address and other information. Console sniffers are downloaded at the low price of 20 dollars.

  • Octosniff

Octosniff supports different models of Xbox and PlayStation. It filters out the packet and decodes the username in them. It enables a link of the IP address to the username in PlayStation games. It is affordable and easy to use.

  • Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS different features in resolving and IP pulling. It consists of its own database. It allows to sniff intercept and pull IPs from Xbox live and PSN games. It is easy to set up and use.

  • Xbox booter

Xbox booter allows you to pull IP addresses while accessing powerful layer 4 and layer 7 and attacks people offline. It offers detailed tutorials or such programs.

  • PS4 booter

PS4 booter let you kick offline while gaming on the PS4 console. A denial of service attack is sent to a gamer’s public IP address. It is better to use good quality VPN to save yourself from getting booted offline.

  • Bootyou

Bootyou is a cheaper and strongest booter for gamers, it sends layer 4 and layer7 distributed denial of service attacks. It involves different stuff like IP logger, geolocation lookup, phone lookup, and skype resolvers.

  • XboxReplay

XboxReplay is a free online tool, Gamertags can be found via its database. Xbox clips and screenshots that are shared online can also be discovered. The site will share IP information, location, and ISP data after finding the desired Gamertag.

 For Xbox and PS4 players uses XResolver, it is fun gathering information about your fellow players through such links and sites. At the same, this is a risky situation as your information is online, and you can also put yourself in trouble.

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