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5 Ways To Use TikTok For Education

TikTok need not be a form of distraction for students in the process of learning something. With TikTok, both students and teachers can educate themselves and others in many creative ways. Additionally, educational institutions opt to buy tiktok likes to increase the visibility of their school. In this way, they boosting their institutions reach and increasing admissions. Therefore, you can record TikTok videos of your institution’s learning and fun activities and upload them to attract audiences.

Both the teachers and students can use TikTok to make learning an exciting process. Initially, during the quarantine and the remote learning, teachers used TikTok for giving home-based assignments. Completing tasks with TikTok ensured the students were always in sync with the topic. They were producing creative TikTok videos on the given topics and compelled students to do detailed research and share their ideas with their peers. Even though it’s an excellent place to learn and teach, students were advised to turn off the duet video function to prevent themselves from bullying. Here are five ways to incorporate TikTok into learning, making it a fun and interactive process.

Create A School-Wide Platform

The social media platform style of TikTok encourages its students to become future influencers. Get started by creating a school-wide or a district-wide group and let your students interact with students from your different sections and districts. Ask your students to publish small and big events in their profiles, inviting students from other areas to participate. Please encourage students to share their memories of events by creating slideshow videos on TikTok with pictures and video clips. For example, if your school has a competition, invite all other schools in the district to participate through TikTok. TikTok allows growth for your students as well as your educational institutions.

Create A Final Project

Encourage your students to work in pairs and create a final project to publish on TikTok. These projects can be a final term project or a project with 10% of your final score. Start by dividing your students into groups of 4-5 and assigning them to work on a topic. For example, you can give them to recreate a Shakespeare’s drama. Your students can start with rewriting the scripts and getting actors and camerapersons to record your TikTok. Creating an exciting drama without changing the storyline can be possible only with share efforts. TikTok encourages students to make group efforts to produce the best results that are hard to obtain with one student’s effort. Finally, upload bloopers and behind the scenes to cherish the works of everyone on TikTok.

Explain A Lesson With TikTok

TikTok is a platform that allows you to share 15-60 seconds short videos for your audiences. As a teacher, you can use TikTok to teach a topic in less than a minute. Creating short TikTok videos will let your students learn more cases in a short time. The TikTok videos you produce are available for students worldwide. If you want to become an influential teacher, opt for Earnviews to boost your content exposure and reach more students. Find interactive and creative examples to explain your topic to your students on TikTok.You can also use the on-screen caption feature on TikTok to make your videos easy to follow. Finally, assign your students a task at the end of your videos to ensure they understand the topic—teachers assigned TikTok tasks to keep an eye on their students’ activities during quarantine.

Teach A Lesson With TikTok

Teachers encourage students to make TikTok videos explaining a topic to their peers. For example, your students can take up the recent history topic and summaries their understanding in 15-30 second videos. Students can publish these videos publicly or privately just for their teacher’s reviews. Sharing simplified TikTok videos gives an easy perspective for students who have difficulty understanding a topic. At the same time, students will never forget what they learned by the end of uploading the video. The efforts put into teaching a subject to their peers on TikTok keep their memories fresh with the topic forever.

Use TikTok For Comparison

Students can learn to use TikTok in the classrooms to enjoy learning a topic. After teaching your students a topic, assign your students with tasks to compare and contrast the points of the subject. Then, ask your students to present their ideas about the lesson on a TikTok video. Your students will explore all the nukes and corners of the task to come up with comparisons. This additional information will let your students understand the topic more thoroughly. They can also refer to their peer’s TikTok videos to get a better grasp on the lesson.


In this article, you will learn how helpful TikTok can be for students. Additionally, you will learn about different ways to use TikTok for education. Finally, make short and creative videos to grab your students’ attention as there is a decrease in attention span these days.

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