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How Silence Makes You Their Partner in Crime

We all see bad things happening every day. Most of us choose to ignore them and keep living our lives. We believe there is no need to get into a mess that is not your own. However, we are actually contributing to the crime by not doing anything. 

You should take a stand every time you see someone doing something wrong and someone suffering. Keeping silent is giving them power and making almost as much to blame. If you can’t fight them, you should at least spread awareness. 

It’s not difficult to raise your voice in the twenty-first century. You can use platforms like The Doe and let the world know about what you have seen and what you know. You can see many articles published on this website raising similar issues that many might call controversial. Such platforms also keep the information of their writers confidential to keep them safe. 

At the very least, you should spread awareness about issues so the world knows how they can protect themselves. If you can’t even do that, here is how you are promoting the criminals. 

No One is There to Question

When no one does anything, the criminal thinks that he is free to do whatever he wants. You should discuss what is going on and, if possible, directly face the person at fault. This will force them to give an explanation. 

They would know that there are people who are willing to pick a fight and they can’t keep doing whatever they want openly. They will be scared and more careful about who they mess with. Such people get out of their limits and they keep repeating their actions when no one questions them. 

They Fear No Consequences

Most people don’t do anything wrong because they will be held responsible and prosecuted accordingly. We have the law to ensure bad people stay within their limits and we stay safe. The law can’t do everything alone. They can’t be there to protect everyone at every second. 

Sometimes, we have to protect ourselves and some people around us. Even if we don’t directly fight anyone, we should at least let the authorities know about the crime. We can make this world a better place by sticking together and helping each other when in need. 

This will scare such people. They would know that they will have to face consequences even if there are no law enforcement authorities around. 

It Becomes Normal for Them

When there is no one to stop them and they don’t have to face any consequences, wrong behavior becomes normal for them. Smoking cigarettes is not a crime, and it’s very normal in most places. This doesn’t change the fact and it’s harmful to the person smoking and the people around him.

Likewise, being rude, stealing, and doing foul things become normal for bad people. It is our duty to stop these things from normalizing. In happy countries, people even criticize little things like crossing a red light and even report it. 

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