Rocket League Game Modes Guide – Training Modes & Online Match Modes

The successful game Rocket League from Psyonic offers you a lot of fun, with a wide variety of titles and levels, as well as various vehicles and battle cars. The developers even built in some funny Easter eggs that are reminiscent of an earlier version of the game. In this guide, however, Rocketprices.Com will go into the various game modes and team constellations.

Rocket League is a mixture of racing games and soccer games, in which you can compete against other players in online matches or against AI bots. The goal is to get the ball into the opposing goal with your vehicle, so the rules are relatively simple. But it’s not that easy when you are hindered, that’s why there is a training tutorial, or different training game modes, with different levels of difficulty.

If you have enough practice, you can put your skills to the test in online matches and even championships then win Rocket League items to make up your cars. Different players around the world compete against each other in online matches and you can enter your name in the Rocket League ranking list, if you have the skills.

Rocket League: All Training Game Modes

The following list of game modes constantly increases in difficulty, the training tutorial skilfully introduces you to the various game functions and tactical game options, you have to develop game tactics and moves yourself, of course.


The tutorial explains the basic control mechanics that you can carry out with your battle cars. As soon as you are familiar with it, you can also complete the advanced tutorial. Here you will learn more advanced driving maneuvers such as flips or how you can perform jumps with boosts.

Free game

You are alone with the ball on the field and can rehearse the driving maneuvers learned in the tutorial again.


There are three levels of difficulty in this game mode, beginner, advanced and all-star. You have to pass these one after the other. There are cannons in front of the gate that shoot soccer balls into the air, you then have to jump or flip them into the gate.


This game mode trains shots on the ground and in the air, again you have to complete three different levels of difficulty, beginners, advanced and all-stars. The time limit for firing shots is limited.


Again there are three levels of difficulty to be completed, beginners, advanced and all-stars. This time you stand in the goal and have to fend off 10 balls, all balls are shot at you from different directions.

Rocket League: Online Match Modes

Let’s move on to a bigger challenge, the online matches. A lot of you probably bought the game just for that reason and get Rocket League credits. We’ll cover the friendly game “game modes” later.

In online matches you fight against human opponents in normal mode and you can compete for places on the leaderboard in ranked matches in open competition. You can choose from the following online game modes:


●Individual duel: one against one

●Doubles: two against two

●Single standard: three against three


●Duel: one against one

●Doubles: two against two

●Standard: three against three

●Chaos: Four against four / → There is great chaos in this game mode. With so many opponents, it’s difficult to make nice moves and maneuvers, but it’s still fun.

Game modes: Friendly and Season

A friendly game is a rather short game in which you can compete against friends and bots. The season game mode differs in this regard, you compete against different bots in a championship, and your team also consists of AI-controlled bots.

You can choose between different teams during the season and you can also put the team together from different AI team members. Then you have to fight your way through to the top in the table, then the knockout round begins, in which the championship is decided.

You can modify the season game mode in various options:

●The length of a season can be

●The difficulty of the bots

●The number of your team members

●The number of teams in the final tournament

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