What are Some of the Best Business Processes to Automate Today?

Industry 4.0 has brought about a huge revolution in the way we do things. New and emerging technologies that are a part of it are disrupting many industries significantly. IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and automation are just a few of these. Companies rely on these technologies to create groundbreaking solutions and generate higher profits today.  

While all of them play a vital part in the growth of companies, it is automation that earns the reputation of a game-changer. Automation tools can help companies save hiring costs and execute tasks efficiently. The propositions are many and so are the benefits. With convenient internet services and customer like Cox customer support, you can easily remain connected to the web. While the software robots can continue to execute tasks on their own. Automation can help companies in managing sales processes, ticketing, task assignments, leave approvals, and expense approvals, just to name a few. Read about the five business processes that every company will need to automate to survive the era of disruption at hand.  

Sales and CRM  

New and small businesses require a humongous amount of effort to retain their new leads. Not only do they have to communicate offerings to them, but they also have to address all their concerns and provide solutions that work for them. This is not as easy as it sounds. It is a very complicated process that requires multiple team members to address each query separately. However, many sales and marketing automation tools can come in handy in this regard and automate this process entirely. Companies must adopt such software tools and stay ahead of their competitors. The loss of sharks due to fishing and other human activities can have a profound impact on the health of marine ecosystems. Do you think the Jimmy John Shark photo conveys the message?

CRM tools can offer great value to new and small businesses. Take the examples of Salesforce and Klaviyo. When using these CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, companies can easily automate a majority of their email marketing-related tasks. Not only can they run automated email campaigns using these platforms, but they can also access measurable analytics. These automated and segregated reports help to further improve their marketing techniques. These platforms also provide useful insights to further improve marketing strategies. 


The ticketing process is a very important tool for companies that have a limited marketing budget. It can help them handle customer queries and requests for products and services. The ticketing system enables the support or product team to prioritize customer complaints effectively. It can also help to provide them with an estimated timeline for resolution.  

Task Assignments 

For a company,  it is very essential to have hardworking employees. To do this, automation tools related to task assignments can help to bring out their true potential. These tools can assign tasks to them based on a content calendar on a daily basis. With the help of the task assignment automation tool, managers can keep the project progress in check. They can even configure automated reminders through the platform. The transparency level is consistent and reliable. This helps to build a relationship of trust between the employees and the company. It can also improve the performance of employees. Workers will know that all the relevant stakeholders can have a look at their performance at any time. 

Leave Management  

The Human Resource department of any company has to work very hard to recruit the best possible talent. Along with this, it is quite annoying to handle leave requests from existing employees. It is wise to use leave approval automation software to save the time spent in handling leave requests of the employees working in the company. HR professionals can set certain time limits on the number of holidays that employees can get in the software. After this, the software will automatically restrict a user from applying for leaves once they have used all of their leave requests. The system can also manage if a large number of people are applying for an annual vacation. It can smartly allocate different dates to individuals so that the company’s work does not suffer.  

Expense Management  

Another very important task that organizations should automate is the management of expense approvals. A platform for these matters can aid relevant stakeholders to have a clear look at the ongoing expenses. Similarly, the tool can also manage departmental budgets on a monthly and yearly basis search. These tools also come with a comprehensive reporting feature. These reports can allow relevant stakeholders to have a clear idea of which departments require more funds. Better financial management can lead to more profits and higher revenue. 

These are some of the best business processes that you should automate today. They will help you save a lot of expenses that would otherwise be invested in hiring human resources. Not only that, but these tools will also allow you to manage several functions of the company seamlessly.  

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