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Why Knitting & Crocheting Are So Popular

If we take a look at life in the 18th & 19th centuries, we see that handicrafts were an integral part of life; the gentry and the working people made things with their hands, often for practical purposes, while art formed a part of the handicraft tradition. Fast forward to today and we see a resurgence of making things with your hands and there are quite a few reasons for this.

Rising costs

When you look at the price of a thick wool sweater, it’s no wonder that people are taking up knitting; how many semi-retired mums have dug out mum’s knitting bag and started making clothes? Here in Australia, the first generations of western immigrants brought their knitting needles and yarns and they passed down these skills to their children. A busy knitter can knock out jumpers, cardigans and scarves at quite a rate and your grandmother would still be able to knit and crochet and would be happy to teach you.

More free time

The pandemic caused many to be confined to their homes for extended periods; all it takes to get started with handicrafts like knitting or sewing is a Google search to find a supplier of knitting needles and buy 4-ply yarn, a selection of wool and start by making a scarf and when you become a competent knitter, you can move on to items of clothing like sweaters, bobble hats and cardigans. Those who knit, invariably make things for family members and it brings a lot of satisfaction when you present your child with something you made with your own hands.


Most knitters will tell you that getting out the knitting needles is a soothing activity and you can knit anywhere at any time. Ten minutes, here, half an hour there and before you know it, that baby cardigan is complete. Some people like nothing more than curling up on the sofa and watching a whole series of shows, while others prefer to put their time to better use and take out their knitting.


If you have free time, making useful things is always a good idea and young people today are very curious and like to try new things. Social media has promoted crochet and knitting and a teenager might ask their grandmother about her knitting experience and so the hobby begins; a knitting craze went viral a few years ago. Here is a biology test that will see how much you know about nature.

Improves coordination

A middle-aged person can get a lot from knitting or crocheting, it requires focus and a degree of dexterity, which helps with coordination. Indeed, some doctors recommend knitting as a hobby, as they are aware of some of the benefits.

The Internet

The World Wide Web is partly responsible for the growing trend in knitting and other handicrafts; you can download knitting patterns and read informative blogs, while all the tools and equipment you need can be sourced from online suppliers. There are even handicraft online forums, where you can chat with the experts and get tips and advice about your hobby.

Your health & well-being is obviously very important and if you have some free time on your hands, why not get into knitting and enjoy the many benefits it offers.

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