What is Norstrat Consulting?


Norstrat has established in 2010 thanks to the cooperation of the Canadian government and the military. It opened a modest operation in Canada before spreading to the United States. Since then, it has been supplying international clients with digital marketing strategies for their products, PR, and telecoms marketing needs.

Additionally, it supports those just entering their chosen field of business. Its primary objective is to advise and aid industry leaders in design and development by utilizing the talents of its well-respected professionals. They are also adept at campaign strategy and business expansion.

Why Norstrart Exists:

Lee Carson, a consultant for the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources, established Norstrat in the late 1990s.

Norstrart’s mission is to envision the future with its customers. It has a very comprehensive and interdisciplinary Northern Strategy. They pool the resources of other specialists to fulfill your needs.

Campaign and business growth strategy is where their expertise lies. Nordstrom’s direct project experience is with the Radarsat Constellation Mission, Radarsat 2, and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel.Those who purchase Norstrat do so because they have a business need or legal mandate to carry out specific components of Canada’s Northern Strategy. Norstrat offers comprehensive services in both communications and consultancy. Norstrat’s strategic expertise can help clients with everything from brainstorming new ideas for products to putting them into action. Products can be released as a smokescreen for the real work of creating and implementing strategies to acquire and keep customers. Lee Carson, the CEO of the firm he now heads, won contracts worth over $200 million in Canada. Most of the firm’s efforts are directed toward national infrastructure projects supported by the government.

Services of Norstart:

The customers of Norstrat Consulting are given the best possible advice and help. Here are some of the things this business can do for you:

  • Aid in Grants Project Management
  • Provides Business Strategy and Training
  • Managing captures and bids are helpful.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Defining Operational Needs
  • Messages to the Cabinet
  • Assist with project definition
  • Offers knowledge and experience in the field.
  • It gives you ideas for how to strengthen your Northern Strategy effort strategy
  • A definition of Norstrat would be helpful.

The people who come to Norstrat include business owners, government officials, and armed forces members who recognize their need for expert advice to improve their organizations’ operations.

It’s one of the best firms, helping various businesses, government agencies, and even the armed forces. Your company would benefit significantly from adopting Canada’s northern strategy.

Still, you need more information, and Norstrat consultancy assists clients in using this approach in line with their objectives. Many successful businesses can trace their success to the advice of this consulting firm.

Canada was the first country to execute the northern approach, hence the name entirely. This policy, first implemented by the Canadian government in 2007, is currently enjoying considerable success in the commercial sector. Developed Canada’s northern strategy with four goals in mind:

  • Possessing and using Arctic resources
  • Boosting both social and economic progress
  • Conservation of natural resources and cultural landscapes
  • Increased autonomy for regional governments in the North.

These four focuses are the reason many companies have adopted the Northern strategy. The Norstrat Corporation is an industry leader in applying this method to many companies.

Nordstrom is a Canadian firm, and they are well-versed in carrying out the northern strategy. They opened their first office as a humble agency. Only after a lot of effort and strategic thinking could they expand over the entire United States. Although it has grown significantly, it maintains a presence in its country of origin by holding an office there.

To what extent does NORSTRAT meet your needs?

It offers a plethora of the same substances and dosing options.

The company’s principal consultant acts as an intermediary between consumers and the organization to help them form new entities.

Sending out college-level resources to create and execute customer acquisition and maintenance systems.

  • Governmental ties, campaigns, political strategies, and executive planning for campaigns are all aided by this method of study.
  • It’s helpful for handling grants as they come in.
  • Notes to the Cabine
  • Provides strategic advice for your Northern Strategy initiative.


What is Norstrat

With Norstrat’s help, clients who are required or eager to implement selected elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy can do so more efficiently and effectively. Lee Carson, the CEO of the firm he now heads, won contracts worth over $200 million in Canada. The company focuses mainly on large-scale infrastructure projects supported by the government.

How can NORSTRAT help me?

The opportunities presented by the government’s Northern Strategy are ripe for the taking. To this end, we equip our clients with insight into the specific challenges and opportunities of building infrastructure in Canada’s North, help them locate and cultivate relationships with key influencers, and provide them with tried-and-true methods for submitting competitive proposals for completing infrastructure projects in the North. However, the assistance means different things to different people, which is why NORSTRAT provides individualized service packages for each customer. It will be our pleasure to meet with you and discuss your requirements.

What exactly does NORSTRAT do?

The purpose of NORSTRAT is to assist those who are charged with or have business interests in developing critical infrastructure in Canada’s North. We help our clients by imparting our extensive knowledge of the subject and devoting ourselves entirely to their progress.

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